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1199 (King of things)

Ducati Panigale WIP project

Good news: something is already done

Bad news: that something is the 1% of the whole

STEP stuff soon


  • peter fotiadis
    peter fotiadis about 2 years ago

    Well, on second thought this is indeed a challenge since there's no blueprints of any kind available (only some photos and some sketches in an USA parts fiche site).

    I estimate that I'll need 12 bottles of Russian Vodka, 12 kilos of good Karma, 121 cigars and 256 double espressos to make something "close" to the real thing..

  • William
    William about 2 years ago

    LoL'ss Hmmm you sure that is all you need ehheheh good luck with it :)))))

  • dassault
    dassault about 2 years ago

    fantastic posters!
    12 bottles - you will not be good! :)))

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