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Coping Calculator for large steel pipes in Excel format

This Coping Calculator is a handy tool that I use to create flat patterns for different pipes cuts, includes miter cut, pipes intersecting with variable angles or a pipe piercing through another pipe.

The Excel spreadsheet includes all configurations with a graph/flat pattern that looks like a bell curve. Just input the diameter and wall thickness, or angle of intersection.

Also included a Visual Basic (.dvb) program for Autocad that will take points from the Excel spread sheet and plot a flat pattern curve directly to Autocad.


  • Johnny
    Johnny 8 months ago

    Is the input data on pipe diameter ID or OD? Great work by the way!

  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin 8 months ago

    Thanks Johnny, OD is the input, also the equations in the spreadsheet considers the wall thickness for the output data.

  • Jay Rice
    Jay Rice 6 days ago

    I am trying to cope some 8" XS pipe as shown in the attached "cope.pdf". Would anyone care to share a few pointers with me? Advance thanks!

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