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Hi everyone!
This is Fernando Mangili Luiz & my house with all the furniture modeled.

I've used SolidFace to criate my house. If you want know this CAD, take a look in:

This is my future home with my fiancee. As you see there are:
- 3 bedrooms (one of them has a bathroom)
- 1 bathroom
- Living room
- Dining room
- Kitchen
- Gourmet space with swimming pool
- Garage for 2 cars

I hope you like!


  • Nayla Miana
    Nayla Miana over 2 years ago

    Hi Abd! Good point... Actually here is default this walkway size, it has 1m. The furniture must be "passed" in parts (disassembled). And the corridors must be 1,5m for the prefecture approves the build. So for enjoy better the space, we decrease the walkway and increase the bedrooms. Thanks for your comment! =)

  • ali
    ali almost 2 years ago


  • Marian Man
    Marian Man 29 days ago

    Hi, hope you never get on wheelchair (as me), it will be complicate to disassemble for moving everyday on the walkway =), Just a comment. Regards.

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