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Recently added PTC Creo Elements models in Household

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wrap model files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:Monish Narayanan Components, Educational, Household wrap model 0 10 Awning files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:Thomas Sidelinger Furniture, Household, Miscellaneous Awning 0 29 Bench-sheet-metal files: 2 renderings:2 engineer:Kulbir Sandhu Furniture, Household, Machine design Bench-sheet-metal 0 33 UPS Mounting files: 3 renderings:2 engineer:Kulbir Sandhu Fixtures, Household, Interior design UPS Mounting 0 20 Kitchen Cabinet Design files: 6 renderings:1 engineer:JOHN WANJOHI Furniture, Household, Interior design Kitchen Cabinet Design 7 587 Weight Carrying Stand files: 11 renderings:3 engineer:Rahman Abdul Household, Industrial design, Machine design Weight Carrying Stand 0 19 wooden chair files: 1 renderings:3 engineer:Hari prasath Hobby, Household, Miscellaneous wooden chair 2 56 Lamp Cover files: 1 renderings:2 engineer:Pratyaksh Somani Components, Furniture, Household Lamp Cover 0 8 Motor Blower Assembly files: 8 renderings:1 engineer:Pratyaksh Somani Aerospace, Educational, Household Motor Blower Assembly 0 78 table fan files: 3 renderings:2 engineer:sandeep kumar Household table fan 2 92 Table Fan files: 4 renderings:12 engineer:Srijith.M.R.Nair Electrical, Energy and Power, Household Table Fan 15 162 Pen files: 10 renderings:4 engineer:Igor K Household, Miscellaneous, Tools Pen 1 59 Meat grinder files: 12 renderings:4 engineer:Igor K Household, Tools Meat grinder 0 33 Nokia Wi-Solar Charger files: 2 renderings:6 engineer:Christopher Richard Automotive, Energy and Power, Household Nokia Wi-Solar Charger 1 95 Nokia - ecoFlower files: 3 renderings:6 engineer:Peter Energy and Power, Household, Miscellaneous Nokia - ecoFlower 0 21 POWER SAVER BULB files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:amuthageethan Electrical, Furniture, Household POWER SAVER BULB 1 134 DRAGON BALL files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:Pejo ekpreszoe Household, Jewellery, Toys DRAGON BALL 0 5 Metronome Speaker for B&O files: 1 renderings:6 engineer:Benjamin Garson Household, Interior design, Miscellaneous Metronome Speaker for B&O 10 64 Land_Line_Phone files: 2 renderings:2 engineer:Naren Electrical, Household, Miscellaneous Land_Line_Phone 1 45 OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ! files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:Pejo ekpreszoe Educational, Household, Industrial design OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ! 0 15

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