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Recently added Autodesk Inventor models in Sport

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FSAE center lock files: 0 renderings:7 engineer:Leonardo Hessel Automotive, Components, Sport FSAE center lock 1 4 buggy frame files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:jordan gass Automotive, Sport, Toys buggy frame 0 7 Skateboard Assembly files: 0 renderings:4 engineer:Craig Bashor Sport Skateboard Assembly 1 19 Minecraft Pickaxe In Real life files: 1 renderings:3 engineer:Nicholas bell Hobby, Sport, Tech Minecraft Pickaxe In Real life 1 3 Motorcycle frame files: 73 renderings:7 engineer:MarcoB Automotive, Construction, Sport Motorcycle frame 0 18 tikitreiler files: 14 renderings:1 engineer:Miguel Automotive, Educational, Sport tikitreiler 6 15 Split rim 3 piece files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:Arvid brag Automotive, Hobby, Sport Split rim 3 piece 1 11 Symetric skateboard trucks jig files: 2 renderings:2 engineer:taylor 3D printing, Sport, Tools Symetric skateboard trucks jig 0 2 Futuristic bicycle wheel concept files: 10 renderings:12 engineer:Filip Peeters Sport, Tech Futuristic bicycle wheel concept 3 21 football files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:saurabh Educational, Just for fun, Sport football 0 17 motor kart JARNO 125 sudam files: 2 renderings:0 engineer:celiz julio fernando Automotive, Industrial design, Sport motor kart JARNO 125 sudam 0 3 Joerex Table Tennis Ball files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:Nahid Mubin Just for fun, Sport, Toys Joerex Table Tennis Ball 0 17 Outdoor sports complex files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:Ivanchenko Sport Outdoor sports complex 1 65 SG SUP files: 114 renderings:10 engineer:Stefan Gales 3D printing, Nature, Sport SG SUP 3 23 Power Sled files: 7 renderings:1 engineer:Kurt Hobby, Sport Power Sled 0 1 End of the trekking poles files: 2 renderings:3 engineer:Dařena Miroslav Miscellaneous, Sport End of the trekking poles 6 0 Giant Yukon 2005 files: 0 renderings:7 engineer:Olivier Landry Just for fun, Sport, Toys Giant Yukon 2005 3 117 Rooks files: 2 renderings:4 engineer:Nahid Mubin Sport, Toys Rooks 1 3

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