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Pizza Cutter files: 5 renderings:3 engineer:Tanvir Sajib Components, Household, Tools Pizza Cutter 3 2 Welded hinge files: 2 renderings:2 engineer:Karl Kivimaa Furniture, Industrial design, Tools Welded hinge 0 1 Boat files: 2 renderings:2 engineer:shubham gupta Interior design, Machine design, Tools Boat 0 3 Coconut climbing robot files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:Vadakkan George Shijo Machine design, Robotics, Tools Coconut climbing robot 0 9 DIAL INDICATOR files: 35 renderings:9 engineer:Kurniadi Isnainun R... Components, Just for fun, Tools DIAL INDICATOR 1 18 Space Mouse Pro files: 1 renderings:5 engineer:Ivan Sinicyn Industrial design, Just for fun, Tools Space Mouse Pro 20 137 Scorpion Knife files: 6 renderings:4 engineer:Nahid Mubin Military, Tools Scorpion Knife 6 27 pin gajes calibrator files: 28 renderings:1 engineer:isaac cadena Miscellaneous, Tools pin gajes calibrator 0 2 Stiletto Tibone Hammer face files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:Henri Pylkkänen Tools Stiletto Tibone Hammer face 0 1 Strap Tensioner files: 18 renderings:5 engineer:Alec Petersen Hobby, Just for fun, Tools Strap Tensioner 8 91 Conveyor Belt files: 1 renderings:3 engineer:Caio Henrique Industrial design, Machine design, Tools Conveyor Belt 2 59 PTO (shaft) files: 8 renderings:2 engineer:Halil Şamlı Machine design, Tools PTO (shaft) 0 13 Mancal UCFL 206 Ø30 files: 2 renderings:1 engineer:Caio Henrique 3D printing, Industrial design, Tools Mancal UCFL 206 Ø30 3 31 Furador de Anéis files: 5 renderings:2 engineer:Richard Fernandes Components, Machine design, Tools Furador de Anéis 0 4 Extrator files: 4 renderings:1 engineer:Richard Fernandes Components, Machine design, Tools Extrator 0 7 Vishay Wirewound Resistors files: 27 renderings:2 engineer:Frederik Vollbrecht Electrical, Miscellaneous, Tools Vishay Wirewound Resistors 0 8 Vise files: 15 renderings:6 engineer:Alec Petersen Hobby, Just for fun, Tools Vise 14 73 Clamp files: 12 renderings:3 engineer:Pouriya Fixtures, Machine design, Tools Clamp 3 19

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