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X-Acto Knife files: 5 renderings:1 engineer:dk Household, Tools X-Acto Knife 0 0 REGISTRO DE BOLA 1-2 ACERO INOX files: 4 renderings:4 engineer:Oscar Augusto Lara Industrial design, Machine design, Tools REGISTRO DE BOLA 1-2 ACERO INOX 0 7 Sand blast files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:Tamara Piros Electrical, Machine design, Tools Sand blast 0 1 DUMP TRUCK files: 73 renderings:5 engineer:abou_zead Automotive, Tools DUMP TRUCK 1 26 EXCAVATOR files: 30 renderings:3 engineer:abou_zead Automotive, Tools EXCAVATOR 2 39 WHEEL LOADER files: 19 renderings:3 engineer:abou_zead Automotive, Tools WHEEL LOADER 3 23 Can crusher files: 23 renderings:1 engineer:Mohammed Khanafer Household, Industrial design, Tools Can crusher 0 7 GRINDER MACHINE (HAND) files: 0 renderings:4 engineer:yudhi prasetyo Tools GRINDER MACHINE (HAND) 5 89 Mini Hydraulic Press files: 14 renderings:2 engineer:LuisCerrada Machine design, Tools Mini Hydraulic Press 0 49 VISE files: 8 renderings:4 engineer:AHMED Ashraf Construction, Fixtures, Tools VISE 2 49 Combination Pliers files: 3 renderings:6 engineer:AHMED Ashraf Tools Combination Pliers 5 16 Medium sized Bench Vise files: 8 renderings:1 engineer:Austin Hood Educational, Machine design, Tools Medium sized Bench Vise 2 40 SCREWDRIVER SET files: 17 renderings:13 engineer:Zarko Grncarevski Industrial design, Just for fun, Tools SCREWDRIVER SET 9 20 my phone and self designed phonecases files: 2 renderings:1 engineer:bas Hobby, Jewellery, Tools my phone and self designed phonec... 1 15 adjustable wrench files: 4 renderings:2 engineer:AHMED Ashraf Components, Industrial design, Tools adjustable wrench 0 6 Support files: 7 renderings:1 engineer:Mohammed Khanafer Industrial design, Tools Support 0 7 Chef's Knife Blank files: 2 renderings:3 engineer:Ionikios Slone Hobby, Just for fun, Tools Chef's Knife Blank 0 16 Caliper files: 9 renderings:3 engineer:Szabolcs Bognár Tech, Tools Caliper 3 46

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