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Clamp files: 12 renderings:3 engineer:Pouriya Fixtures, Machine design, Tools Clamp 3 9 Concealed Cuff Key files: 3 renderings:2 engineer:Qrules 3D printing, Military, Tools Concealed Cuff Key 0 7 Cuff Key files: 3 renderings:1 engineer:Qrules 3D printing, Military, Tools Cuff Key 0 4 Stanley Hand Router files: 3 renderings:4 engineer:Michael Chadband Construction, Hobby, Tools Stanley Hand Router 2 13  PIPE WRENCH files: 1 renderings:4 engineer:Samsul Arfin Components, Machine design, Tools PIPE WRENCH 2 15 screwdriver files: 3 renderings:4 engineer:Chris Haas Construction, Machine design, Tools screwdriver 2 36 Gantry Crane files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:Evan Miscellaneous, Tools Gantry Crane 0 18 Pipe Vice files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:Rochiem Abdul Components, Hobby, Tools Pipe Vice 0 3 Clipboard files: 1 renderings:4 engineer:Marie Urmano Educational, Household, Tools Clipboard 0 1 gib and cotter joint files: 11 renderings:3 engineer:shubham gupta 3D printing, Machine design, Tools gib and cotter joint 0 1 Compact Bathmop files: 1 renderings:3 engineer:Bruce Coats Tools Compact Bathmop 1 2 Heater Plate files: 2 renderings:2 engineer:Mubasher Iqbal Components, Machine design, Tools Heater Plate 0 7 Cork opener files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:Abdulhafeez Just for fun, Machine design, Tools Cork opener 0 3 Screw Driver files: 6 renderings:3 engineer:Tanvir Sajib Components, Household, Tools Screw Driver 1 4 Plummer block (pedestal bearing) files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:shubham gupta Industrial design, Machine design, Tools Plummer block (pedestal bearing) 0 12 Gastronorm Containers files: 67 renderings:2 engineer:Frederik Vollbrecht Household, Miscellaneous, Tools Gastronorm Containers 3 18 Sheffield Lathe files: 4 renderings:7 engineer:Matthew Magliola Educational, Machine design, Tools Sheffield Lathe 3 34 banana chips dryer files: 10 renderings:1 engineer:zainuddin Components, Tools banana chips dryer 1 14 Polea Doble Fija files: 5 renderings:4 engineer:Miguel E González M... Components, Hobby, Tools Polea Doble Fija 1 8  Keyless Locking Devices files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:sergey Machine design, Tools Keyless Locking Devices 0 5

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