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recoilless pistol

Pistol is consists of the usual parts such as barell, body, container, and etc., counter wage bolt is new for him, counter wage bolt gives uniqueness and the possibility to neutralize response to the explosion of the bullet. This is the part that is connected to bolt (with cable in this example)) at the way that counter wage bolt is the opposite of bolt and moving like bolt in opposite direction, at the same time. Counter wage bolt is actually the same mass like bolt, and his motion is the same as bolt, looking as if from a mirror. Way that should work is: a shot was fired, bolt was pushed to the back, while counter wage bolt in forward, so that the force acting on the part of back section of pistol is equal with that counter wage bolt acting in forward motion on the front of pistol. Here we see an example of pistol that type of open bolt,


  • Tim Anthony
    Tim Anthony 9 months ago

    Great Design! I agree with John. I would also point out that you willk need to solve the problem of where the gas recoil rods will go. In your image they just dissapear. I liek the design though. I think it has more potential in a SBR (short barrel rifle). You would have more room to solve these issues.

  • perry
    perry 2 months ago

  • B eyond
    B eyond about 1 month ago


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