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Retract leg asm for 1/4 scale bud nosen mustang. ok so it's not scale looking but then the whole plane is pretty "stand off scale" and these legs work stunningly. the legs are Gabrial gas lifters pumped to 100N.
The hinges are designed to be laser cut, so it doesnt take much to put this lot together. the wheel arch is bent sheetmetal and welded to the bottom of the gas lifter. if you dont weld it... the wheel will eventually turn in on a landing and i know you dont want that!


  • Sivakanishkan
    Sivakanishkan over 2 years ago

    hey.....i am having sw 2010 ....could u send this file in the thst i could open.....

  • marc erasmus
    marc erasmus over 2 years ago

    Hi Sivakanishkan, i dont understand your message, how can i help?

  • marc erasmus
    marc erasmus over 2 years ago

    Sivakanishkan, if you are needing different file formats and are using SW 2010, then the parrasolid files i have already uploaded should work fine for you.
    can you open them?

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