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Workbench saves us time during the design process and money during the prototyping process because there is no confusion about file versions or whether they are up to date.

Key benefit: Eliminates risk of working on or manufacturing the wrong file version

Andy Homyk
Mechanical Engineer at Hemosonics

GrabCAD Workbench helps us speed up our iteration cycle to produce the best product for our customers. We're able to quickly point out changes, leave a comment for team members, and then add revisions and track the latest version. An efficient design process means better germ zappers and a healthier company.

Key benefit: One source of truth for our product files

Deepak Jayaraj
Senior Mechanical Engineer at Xenex

As a cloud-based PDM solution, Workbench allows our engineering team to focus their time on building great products. Most engineers I am aware of are happy to give the keys to the server to someone else, none of us want spend time managing IT.

Key benefit: Lets engineers work on engineering, not IT

Mike Prichard
VP of Design at Miselu

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