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$ 89
USD per user / month
$ 107
USD per user / month
Overview Ideal for mid-sized companies or small teams Ideal for larger companies with more complex IT or administrative requirements
Project Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Online Storage 25GB Unlimited
File Size Limit 2GB per file 5GB per file
Contact us for more information:, +1-617-825-0313
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Share Files
Share files with other users inside and outside the organization
Add users as "view only" collaborators
Viewer support for over 40 CAD formats
Viewer support for formats like drawings and PDF's
Tools to measure, explode, and section-view in 3D viewer
Assembly tree navigator
Visual file version comparison
File markup with comments and sketches
Update feed and email notifications
Manage CAD Files
CAD file reference management
Version control
Automatic back-up
Revision management
File lock/unlocking
Conflict detection and resolution
Neutral file format output for all formats
Desktop client for file sync
Solidworks add-in for file sync
Partner Spaces
Drag and drop file release process
Professional presentation portal for customers
No signup necessary for partners
Notifications for project updates
Support for pictures and other document types
View 3D models on the go
HTTPS browser security
User Managament
Company Account
Audit logs
3rd Party Application support
Autodesk Fusion 360
Solid Edge
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about billing, membership or pricing?

Check out our FAQ for more information, send our sales team an email at or give us a call at +1-(617)-825-0313.

How do you count storage space, and what happens if my account goes over the limit?

We count all your project files, including past versions, on a per account basis. But don't worry - if you go over your plans storage amount, we'll allocate you more so that you can keep working, and notify you about adding more storage. The price for extra account storage space is $10 per month for 10 gigabytes.

How many seats do I need to pay for?

Our customers buy a seat for each CAD editor, and use unlimited free Partner Spaces for the other people outside their CAD editing team who are involved in product development - this is usually external people like manufacturers and suppliers but can also be internal stakeholders like Marketing and Sales.

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