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50 year old coot living on the coast of Maine, but have lived & worked all over the country. Last port of call was Seattle, Before that, San Diego, Denver, Savannah, All points east, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Lost in the woods, N, S, E & W, so-on & so forth... ;) Looking for any other locals who share the build bug... Hard to find any groups anymore, at least up here.


work experience

June 1985 - July 2017

8 years as a Combat Engineer slot filler, then 30+ years as a design engineer, carpenter, aerospace machinest, shop monkey, gunsmith & armorer. Semi-retired due to health problems a few years ago, so I spend alot of my time researching, designing, redesigning, occassionaly sleeping.... & trying to not annoy the neighbors with power tools at 3AM when an idea strikes. LOL ;)



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: HP XW8600, Duel quad 3.16ghz, 32GB RAM, 10+TB of hard drives. 26" & 19" dual monitors. Win 7 Pro. large format Prusa E3 style home-built 3d printer, 18x12x10 print area.... Working on a larger 3 in 1, pellet-fed printer, cnc router, & laser cutter. Aiming for 24x24x12. Homebuilt CNC 3-axis milling machine, Home built collet type lathe for finishing gun barrels and smaller work.
Honors and awards:
Interests: Gunsmithing, robotics, RC vehicles, slowly getting into AUV-UAV-ROV as funds allow. I have a passion for old technology... turn of the century tooling, pre-WW2 firearms ( old top-break revolvers are an addiction), and my biggie is early Lake & Holland submarines, Civil War rams & ironclads, & the midget subs of WW1 & WW2. I do alot of model making, so I'm really looking foward to that laser cutter! :)

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