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Mechanical Engineering at Birmingham of Birmingham Ph.D, Birmingham of Birmingham, UK 2014 - 2017

Click to edit position descriptionMulti-point forming employs two sets of punch matrix without using the traditional fixed solid dies. Each of the punches is independent to others, so the punch can be tuned individually to configure discrete three dimensional surfaces. Compared with the traditional solid die forming, one set of the multi-point die can be used for different designs. In long terms, the tremendous cost and long time in traditional manufacturing of solid dies for different designs can be cut down dramatically. The multi-point die forming can also improve the deformation condition and minimise spring-back. The matched dies of multi-point forming has been developed and applied to make some products, such as train body panels, skull implants and sculpture shells. However, there are some limitations to its application such as deep drawings. Also the smoothness of the surfaces may not be the same as produced by conventional tools, which requires more investigations. In this project, finite element modelling will be used to investigate the influence of the process parameters on the final product quality characteristics. Optimization of process parameters will be also carried out.



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