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Ahmed Elbhje


I’m an adaptable and innovative qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 4 years experiences in CAD design by Solidworks and manufacturing using CNC machines As a person, I am fun, confident, energetic and passionate. As a worker, I am diligent, a go-getter, full of energy, willing to learn, very organized and adaptable. I can work under lots of pressure.


work experience

IKI Mechanical Design Engineer June 2012 - April 2013

o Design new idea for Disabled wheel chair o Design parts for 3D printing and setup printing conditions to achieve required finishing and stiffness. o Robotic design. o SolidWorks instructor. o Innovative ideas developer.

Egypt Air Force Maintenance and Development Engineer January 2015 - March 2016

-Carry out maintenance & life extend for Army air plans -Using SolidWorks FEA to evaluate any new modification in planes parts. -Modeling planes parts in reveres engineer cycle. -Design supplies equipment for maintenance operations like wings & propellers holders and ladders etc. . . . -SolidWorks instructor for small team to insure of continues work and level of quality.

Zakhrafa for wood working Mechanical Design Engineer September 2015 - March 2015

-Design furniture, decorations & products made of wood. -Create G-code for fabrication on CNC machine.

OnaSolar S.A.E Mechanical Design Engineer September 2015 - November 2015

-Design support structure for holding solar panels using of aluminum profiles to make it easy to assembly and costume size as required. -Test Frames under weight, wind and thermal, loads. -SolidWorks Simulation instructor for small team to insure of continues work and level of quality.

Freelancer Machine & Product Design Engineer April 2016 -

as a freelancer I involve in many projects all around the world , in general I am responsible to provide technical assist in order to run the project through out its main stages ( Idea / Pre-design and calculations / Full design / Manufacture drawings / Manufacture / Assembly / Test / Documentation) Also my working fields can be 1- Developing products ideas. 2-Modified and solve problems in ready designs 3-Make a product ready for manufacturer (material selection and fabrication methods) 4- Choosing suppliers and machinist 5-Solving problems in products after manufacture



Kafer Elshiekh University Mechanical engineer 2008 - 2013



Workstation specs: PC-Dell precision 690 16 GB Ram Nvidia quadro fx 3800 Win 10 solidworks 2016 Laptop-Dell precision M4600 14 GB Ram Nvidia quadro 1000M Win 10 solidworks 2016
Honors and awards:

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