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Hi, I work in several creative fields: Interior design, product design, and CAD. Ex Headed design department at Alterdeco. I'm working now as independent designer, creating passionate Interior furniture and products design. Feel free to contact me for freelance projects and long term collaboration: Services that I provide are: Custom Interior design: starting from the concept up to a finished product after validation process. Custom 3d modeling and visualization of your product based on existing sketches. Product design: concept development, styling, 3d modeling, photo-realistic renderings. Furniture design: concept development, styling, 3d modeling, photo-realistic renderings.


work experience

As a Freelancer Industriel & Product Design April 2012 -

I'm Working as a Freelancer in The Industriel Design, Concept Generation & Development Design Detailing - consider and define every element of your product or pack, from functionality and visual sensitivity to tactile response and audio feedback. Design Communication - provide you with powerful visualised narratives and scenarios, using hand-drawn sketches, 2D and 3D computer rendering, animation and video. Colour, Material and Finish - explore the options, making recommendations and specifications with the help of our in-house CMF library, plus visuals and prototypes. Visual Brand Language - translate your brand values into tangible attributes that I can then apply meaningfully to your products and packaging.

AKKA Technologies Technical redaction May 2013 -

· definition of mechanical and electric systems · studies of integrated(joined) logistic support · creation of technical documentation · assistance(audience) for the management of the technical data · management of the configuration of the technical information · updated and/or conversion of collections of documents · support for the after-sales service



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Xeon i8 1 To HD 12 RAM Nvidia that's all, :)
Honors and awards: Honorable Mention: -StaX Accessory Challenge 4th Prize : - Dashboard Design "Variable color and theme Dashboard" 4th Prize : - Build Models for Reuse with Good Design Intent 4th Prize : - GrabCAD Video Challenge: Animate Your Models
Interests: ART, 3D Design, Photography, Sculpture ...

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