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Alan Lund


We are a group of engineers, mechanical/industrial designers, entrepreneurs, and inventors, that have a passion of creating innovative ideas and inventions transforming them into physical reality. We start with conception sketches for visualization and help all the way through the product development cycle. We create prototypes by designing 3D CAD interactive parametric models using Solidworks, autocad and other 3D software. We can then create 3D pictures using graphic design and graphical animations(movies) so you can visualize exactly how your idea will look, work together, and function. We can then create a functional prototype using a 3D rapid prototype printer using FDM(Fused Deposited Material) out of ABS custom plastic. We can also do electrical hardware, PCB boards, and software. We are also a 3D laser scanning service bureau, using the scanner we can reverse engineer existing products or out of production parts. 3D software then digitizes it creating a 3D stl model that you can create cad models if needed, then modify them. We have connections to other professionals that we can get your product patented and protect your intellectual property. We also have a network of manufactures, factories, CNC machine shops, injection molders, and more. Let us get your ideas in your hand quickly!


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


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