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albert nieuwenhuis


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work experience

I am working as engineer at a small industrial design office in The Netherlands. We design for instance bicycles and bicycle parts, children's strollers, bicylce child seats, but also bus exteriors. This is teamwork. I do this together with collegues that make beautiful sketches of design proposals. My job is to help create innovative concepts. I make 3d CAD models of these products, so that the product works well, can be manufactured and also looks nice, just as proposed to the customer in the design sketch. Sometimes my project ends with the final CAD files of metal parts and plastic parts for injection molding. For some projects we only need to make a surface model of the exterior of the product. Our client then finalises the product based on this exterior model. My job involves a lot of 3d surface modeling with SolidWorks, but also knowledge of manufacturing and basic mechanical principles to make things work. Been doing this for far more than 10 years. Still like it a lot!



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