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Alex Aylward

A² Design


Hello, my name is Alex Aylward, and I am a 3D designer. I first started creating 3D models with TinkerCAD in June of 2016. That was really my first glance into the world of 3D printing and the concept that I could make anything I imagine (with constraints of course). I have since upgraded to the more "big boy" software such as Fusion 360. I ultimately ended up buying a 3D printer in July of 2017 (Tevo Tarantula Reprap Prusa i3), and have enjoyed watching my designs come to life since. I enjoy designing objects in a contemporary, minimalistic fashion. I like to make things that provide function, although I do like automobile designs too. My main auto influences I would have to say are German automotive companies such as Porsche and Mercedes (my two favorites). My functional designs are things that I would use personally usually, such as a watch stand, tripod, or desk organizer. I am currently a student, and am paving the way toward a STEM centered career. I also enjoy electronics, and anything of that sort. I am hoping to learn the other trades of a "maker" such as woodworking and welding. However, due to limited resources, I have put those skills on the waiting list. When I am not making, I can be found attending school, reading, sketching, swimming, or playing the occasional computer game.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


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Interests: Design, Electronics, Photography, 3D Printers, Cars...

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