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Vizup speciality is decimation and optimization for very large polygonal 3D models (from 1 million to 1 billion triangles and more). We help our customers to kill the pain of dealing with very large and oversampled 3D models. Vizup optimization technology allows to save time and money by reducing storage and bandwidth requirements. Vizup offers several polygon reduction and mesh optimization techniques to deal with highly complex and oversampled 3D models: reducing the number of polygons up to 100 times while preserving the visual quality with minimum geometry degradations advanced mesh topology repair and optimization intelligent decimation for models with non-continuous textures and complex visual attributes. generating instant LOD-chains with the best possible balance between the number of polygons and desired level of details Our flagship product - Vizup SDK (, is an embeddable 3D model optimization/decimation library, specially designed for integration with 3rd party products. It is the only polygon-reduction tool on the market which can handle meshes with 100+ millions triangles.


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