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As a 3D CAD Designer i offer a range of skills suited to that of an industrial and commercial product designer such as: - Design concept and theory of design consultancy(i.e ergonomics, anthropometrics,semiotics,mapping). - Professional 3D and conceptual drawing for the aid of engineers,designers and clients. - Soft and hard modelling from which can be used as a basic physical representation of an idea or concept, to an astheticly complete high-detailed prototype. -3D CAD modelling,that includes part and material testing(i.e COSMOS,Simulation), Working drawings, High detailed rendering, single part modelling to full assembly,animation all using Solidworks 2015. -Market and product research to form trends and product evolution. -My key areas of expertise is on products that have grips/handles, woodwork and steam bending furniture,inclusive design, 3D CAD. I can offer the following: - Product development using simple or complex 3d modelling (Solidworks 2015) - Files for manufacture or prototyping. - 2d drawings for manufacture. - Product presentations including photorealistic visualisations. Area Covered: Bristol, willing to travel to location within 20miles (note no car). Company Name: Leo Design Solutions. Employees: 1


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Brighton University Product Design With Professional Experience, Industrial Design 2006 - 2010



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