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Altamiro Allebrandt Jr


Check back later for some more details about this engineer. Not all engineers are word masters!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Still Studying , Mobility Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Naval Engineering 2011 - 2016

An unique way of College in Brazil, where You start with 200 students for 2 years with the same themes, then on third year U choose between transportation or traffic engineering. At the end of the third year You can finish with a bachelor degree in Mobility Engineering with the respective area that You choose. With two more years You can choose between 5 engineerings from the Transportation area, they are: Naval, Aerospace, Subway based, mechatronics, automotive. I'm going for the Naval. About the Traffic side, there is 2 ways to go: Logistic and Transportation, and the one that is about buildings that I forgot the name :P Sorry for Bad English, I'm in learning process :D



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