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I worked as a child in wrought iron with my father, I have always been interested in art and architecture. As a hobby I always did say several artists eg Giger RH. I currently manufacture papercraft models and cosplay using resin and fiberglass and also Foam.


work experience

particular December 2000 - November 2018

My experience as an artist varies depending on the material with which you work, eg metals, cast iron, foam, wood, resins, etc. since I was little I liked the arts and I have dared to work on everything while I have time, I am currently working on military models and cosplay. (papercraft) I admire the people who work in 3D modeling, I would have facilitated my life if I had known it before. I like to share, and I thank the people who transferred me several of their works to be able to replicate. My next cosplay is the amaman batman of the BVS movie. I find it great.



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