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Andrew Bacigalupo

I design systems to solve problems.


I AM equally right and left brained--a thinker with a bias towards doing. I HAVE the mind of an engineer and a passion for Agile business--scaling and leading it by fractals of innovation from daily team task execution details to the high-level product roadmap and vision. I BELIEVE that the Lean business philosophies improve the culture and profitability of any company willing to adopt them, and that internal entrepreneurship is key in achieving customer delight and value. I HOLD experience in project, program, and workforce management with a constant, subliminal focus on the analysis, design, and management of humanistic, technical, and stochastic system elements. I BUILD anything and everything in my spare time and value the design process in every aspect of my life. I FOSTER the development of persistent teams who enable the production of high value, high quality products and outputs with predictability and consistency. I MENTOR, and enjoy being mentored, every step of the way and believe that regular feedback influences not only an individual’s success, but the success of an organization. I LIVE for outdoor activities and unwind by boating and sitting on the beach with a cup of coffee, or assorted beverage, and a good book. I ENJOY East and West Coast swing dancing, running, biking, mixology, and playing percussion.


work experience

Target Corporate Services Aspiring Project Manager in the Technology Leadership Program September 2013 -



Rochester Institute of Technology Management Information Systems | Concentration: Economics, Business/Information Technology 2009 - 2013



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