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My name is Arfi'an Fuadi and I love everything that related to Mechanical, Engineering, Product Design/Development and Science. In my long years CAD experience, I ever worked with several CAD software, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Catia, Pro/E and SolidWorks. I love design optimization also. Software that I commonly used to is Ansys, Ideas and SolidWorks Simulation. Its a joy in the process, and feels happy (more than finding a gold) when the design optimized perfectly and accurately. Since 2009, with my little brother I build an engineering company based in Indonesia that called DTECH-ENGINEERING ( We do mechanical designing, mechanical analysis, design optimization and product designing/development services for customers from around the globe. There will always be a joy for me and my team to develop new ideas and exploring the possibility of the design, engineering and science. And GrabCAD is always a good place to hang out and expanding the networks.


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DTECH-ENGINEERING Founder October 2009 -



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