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Avaneesh Upadhyaya


I'm a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, India. Currently, interning at Robert Bosch. I was the Mechanical Head of SolarMobil Manipal, official solar car team of Manipal University.


work experience

SolarMobil Manipal Structural Engineer October 2013 - April 2015

My work as a Structural Engineer for SolarMobil.Manipal was to aid in the manufacturing of the project SERVe and to learn the design and analysing softwares required to design the next project. I joined the team sometime before the design phase of the project SERVe ended. I was a part of the team for the entire manufacturing phase.

SolarMobil Manipal Mechanical Team Lead May 2015 - November 2016

The launching of SERVe, the second project of SolarMobil Manipal, resulted in the change of board. Due to almost 2 years of hard work on SERVe, I was unanimously appointed as the new Mechanical Head for the third project of SolarMobil.Manipal. My role as the Mechanical Team Lead is to look over the mechanical team, lead them and coordinate with them to make the third project successful. There are three subsystems under Mechanical; Structures, Vehicle Dynamics and Transmission. As the Mechanical Team Lead, I take full responsibility of the mechanical team and I have to ensure that the team stays motivated and functions properly.

SolarMobil Manipal Structures and Aerodynamics Head August 2015 - November 2016

As the Structures & Aerodynamics Head, I look over the designing and analysis of the exterior design of the new project, the chassis, assembly, ergonomics and manufacturing of the new project.

Tata Motors Project Trainee May 2016 - July 2016

Project: Installation and commissioning of a CRD unit for transfer trolley. Due to my background in mechatronics, I was put in the maintenance team of Production Engineering department. During my 2 month internship, I gained a lot of knowledge and industrial experience. Apart from working on my project, I attended repair works for the machines which broke down during my time there. I also visited other departments like gear shop, engine shop and production line.



Manipal Institute of Technology B-Tech, Mechatronics 2013 - 2017



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