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Azhar Qazi

Group Leader - MUGS (Mumbai User Group of Solidworks)


I am a Certified SolidWorks Expert with 6+ years of experience in Machine Tools. Professional user of SolidWorks Composer and Keyshot. I run the Mumbai User Group of SolidWorks (MUGS) and regularly present on technical topics related to CAD,3D Printing & AR.


work experience

Precihole Design & Development Manager November 2010 -

Design and Development of Machine Tools. Creating Rendered Machine Images for Catalog, Website, Promotional Events etc. Developing Interactive Technical Documentation Developing Animations for Concept Communication, Working, Maintenance, Assembly, Training and Marketing

PolyPhysics Technical Head January 2016 -

Fast Effective technical communication at affordable costs. Our aim is to provide quality technical communication solutions to the Manufacturing sector. Lot of industries make great products, but fail to market it effectively. This may be due to the fact that they do not have the resources for developing the content or they find the prevalent sources that provide animation services are not technically sound, have longer turnaround times and are very expensive. Our solutions enable the industries to showcase their products/processes through animations, photorealistic renderings etc. which enable the customer to better understand their product/process. We do this at affordable costs maintaining the quality and reducing the turnaround time. Animation is a great way to convey ideas, after all a picture is worth thousand words and a Video is 30 pictures per second!



BITS Pilani Dubai B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Mechanical Engineering 2006 - 2010



Workstation specs: Dell Precision M4800 32 Gb RAM, Intel Core i7 (3rd Gen) - 4 Cores, AMD Firepro 2Gb, Windows 10 (64 Bit), 15" Ultra Sharp Display.
Honors and awards: CSWE SolidWorks - Certified SolidWorks Expert CSWP SolidWorks - Certified SolidWorks Professional - Core CSWP SolidWorks - Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist CSWP SolidWorks - Advanced Weldment Specialist CSWP SolidWorks - Advanced Mold Tools Specialist CSWP SolidWorks - Advanced Surfacing Specialist CSWP SolidWorks - Advanced Drawing Tools Specialist CSWP SolidWorks - Advanced Simulation Specialist CSWA SolidWorks - Certified SolidWorks Associate CSWA SolidWorks - Certified SolidWorks Simulation Associate CSDA SolidWorks - Certified SolidWorks Sustainable Design Associate
Interests: 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Simulation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

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