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Architects, engineers, construction firms and corporate companies outsource their architectural engineering services because they need perfection and great detailing in their respective fields. The professional team at Back Office Pro (BOP) is highly qualified and can work according to the demands and requirements of a global clientele. Hence, the team delivers work in the following areas: - Architectural Drafting - Architectural 3D Modeling - Architectural 3D rendering - SketchUp Modeling - Building Information Modeling The highly certified and creative team harnesses the skills and knowledge from several inspirational environments before they deliver precise works at fast turnaround times. BOP delivers exceptional Architectural Drafting services so architects can use these designs to complete their projects on time. The novel designs delivered by the incredible team at BOP meet the criteria of clients from across the world. The finished works are delivered in the formats specified by the clients. To ensure the work is at par with client expectations, the company makes use of the best technologies in the industry. BOP delivers professional Architectural 3D Modeling services. Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern detailing, the finished works delivered by the highly competent team at the company follows international standards of quality while catering to the government regulations in respective countries. BOP houses talented designers and developers to produce exquisite Architectural 3D rendering works with guaranteed efficacy. The quick turnaround times, quality driven approach and cost-effective prices are other main advantages of entrusting the task to the team . Fine quality sketch up models and renderings transform simple drawings into models that have a life of their own. BOP uses intuitive tools to produce excellent quality SketchUp Modeling services that architects, designers and engineers can use in their projects. The innovative designing possibilities open at BOP makes it possible for its clients to cut overhead and additional expenditure. Additionally, BOP promises exceptional Building Information Modeling services as well. The trained staff at BOP has years of experience in producing the best. Additionally, there would be a competent BIM manager from BOP to the client's design team. The manager confers with the client team at every step of the project to ensure industry-rated results are obtained.


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