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Trained to be a mechanical design engineer (I worked a lot for an oilfield company, creating drilling tools and sondes), I currently starting to fulfill my experience in Product Design, opening y mind on how to develop a new product not only in a mathematic / mechanical way. It's not common but it gives me a different eye on creating new goods ;) So I'm driven by passion in Design, transportation Design (so cars and all what can be driven ;), concept art and entertaiment design. Well, I'm curious :)


work experience

AMETRA Mechanical engineer January 2004 - December 2008

As a mechanical design engineer, I used to work mainly for our customer Schlumberger Oilfiled Services to design various types of tools : static sondes, dynamic sondes, tool sets, sonic tools and drilling tools. Software used : Pro/ENGINEER

AMETRA CAD Support January 2009 - May 2012

Working as the expert in CAD software for the mechanical office, I was in charge to teach the CAD software with methodology and help my co-workers when there were stuck in their work. I used to help our customers to develop their CAD structure,applying some methodology to thier daily work. Software Expert in : Pro/ENGINEER / Creo ; CATIA V5 ; Solidworks ; Tolerance Manager ; Cetol 6-Sigma ; Keyshot ; Autodesk Showcase

AMETRA Manager May 2012 - March 2014

I'm working as the leader of the offer 'Medical and Consumer goods', managing a team of 20 people, and having in charge to develop this business as well as the Design Office in my company.

Parrot Mechanical & Design Engineer March 2014 -

Design and mechanic on innovative connected consumer goods



I have a master degree in Industrial Systems Genius (general engineering most mechanical oriented). I spent the 3 years following a product design course in my spare time the evenings.



Workstation specs: Laptop Dell Precision M4700
Honors and awards: 3rd place for the 500 Group Supercar Body Challenge 2013: 1st place for the rendering competition : 2nd place for the Amarok triple clamp design : 3rd place for the Koenigsegg door handle :

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