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I am a High School student attending Leesville Road High School. Expected graduation date is June 10, 2017. I like to make stuff and fix stuff. You can follow me on twitter @Levi_The_Bold for updates on what I am making or fixing. I stream what I am making on Twitch, Beam and YouTube. If you want to have some input on what I make go on the streams. If you have question go to the stream. YouTube : Twitch : Beam : I would like it if someone could donate stuff on my wish list I need CAD books for school and a new copy of Soildworks student version since my licenses has ended.


work experience

Looking for work

I have applied to many engineering jobs but, I will not be posting a lot of content until I have a job.



Leesville Road High School

Currently Attending



Workstation specs: CPU:Intel Core i5 4690K GPU:Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 RAM:16GB INTERNET: CRAPPY HOME TimeWarnerCable
Honors and awards:
Interests: Mechatronics ,Cars ,Planes ,CNC Machines, Computers, Programing, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Women.

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