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Bob Jenney

Mechanical And Industrial Design Consultant


Mechanical Design Consulting Firm specializing in Product Development A short list of our capabilities: Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Applied Mechanics, Electronics Packaging, Legacy Data Translation, Mold Design, Sheet Metal Design, and more. We’ve designed products that have been manufactured via processes such as: CNC Machining, Thermal/Vacuum/Pressure Formed Plastics, Injection Molding, Blow and Hydro Form Molding, Rotational Molding, Fiberglass Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Layup and Molding, Metal Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping via SLA and SLS, Low yield molded parts from Urethane Molds, and more. We’ve worked with a vast array of materials in all forms including: Steels, Aluminum's, Brass, Plastics, Ceramics, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Fiber Board, Paper, etc. We’ve designed tooling such as: Molds, Custom Fasteners, Fixtures for CNC and free machining, and more. We can oversee the production of your prototypes, manage initial domestic and international manufacturing, relieve you of the burden of managing vendors for your new project, etc. Our consultants have real-world design-for-manufacture expertise and have hands-on experience in machine shops, at molding facilities, metal fabrication plants, fiberglass (Hand Laid and Chop-Cut) facilities and more. We also create photo renderings and animations from CAD models and/or set up a product photography session. Almost no project is too small or too large. Specialties Product Development Through Initial Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Machine Design, Mold and Tooling Design, Design for Injection Molding as well as Vacuum and Thermal Forming, Design for Metal Fabrication, & More


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