And the winners are...

This may be the tightest GrabCAD Challenge to date. We think if the jury was given the option they would have named all 8 of our top entries as winners. Regardless, after looking in-depth at over 35 of the best entries out of a whopping 215 total entries, we have our winners.

You may notice that some of the winners weren't included as finalists in the 500 Group world vote. Many things changed in the rankings as we took that more in-depth look into whether all requirements were met and who stacked up the best within each category. Check out the full results page to see many more entries outside of the top 8 that deserved recognition for their fine (and probably very time-consuming) hard work.

- 500 Group, SEMA, GM, Discovery Channel's Gateway Auto Museum, Driver Tim Schrick, and GrabCAD

1st Place Winner
Kanza (khan-zah) supercar by greg.thompson-2

Kanza (khan-zah) supercar

Amazingly captures the appeal needed in the street design. Like Greg says, "an elegant solution to the idea of a super car." This street design would attract a broad range of drivers but isn't too toned down, either. Did the best job of optimizing designs for the two different situations. You can see the care in the technical and aerodynamics throughout the design and description of his design thinking.

Street Design: 1
Track Design: 1
Technical: 2
Aerodynamics: 1

2nd Place Winner
500G Razor (Street + Track) by pedro.almeida

500G Razor (Street + Track)

His design statement says it best, "The body was designed as if its "grabbing" the four wheels, creating a very powerful stance and sense of unity between all elements." While we like the strong statement, the lines were a bit harsher than the universal, timeless appeal wanted for the street look. And, there's an even fiercer track version. Again, the technical details were very thoughtful and thorough. What put it over the edge was the clear description of what made it unique.

Street Design: 3
Track Design: 2
Technical: 1
Aerodynamics: 2

3rd Place Winner
Nebrius SC '14 // 500G Challenge by benjamin.garson

Nebrius SC '14 // 500G Challenge

Beautiful. The back falls a bit too far on the aggressive side but it's tough to ignore the front's good looks. We appreciate the clean, simple street design. Excellent track design, where the aggressiveness plays toward its favor and good details in the rendering. Also falls in the top pack as far as planning and execution on technical and aerodynamic details.

Street Design: 4
Track Design: 4
Technical: 3
Aerodynamics: 5

4th Place Winner
SUPERCAR2014 - acute by fateh.merrad

SUPERCAR2014 - acute

Incredibly, Fateh seems to have created a smooth, timeless street design with an edge. It's a hard combination to achieve and we commend him for it. The track design felt like it wasn't that big of a departure from the street version. However, that doesn't mean that technical detail was missing. This design suffered the most in its aerodynamics - others did such a good job of creating opportunities to feed the hungry radiators but all lines looked good.

Street Design: 2
Track Design: 5
Technical: 4
Aerodynamics: 6

5th Place Winner
HYPER-TRACK by clix-1


The street design is agressive but still comes across as marketable because of the artistic details. Those may be too much for the average driver, though - but we love it. The track design looks like its in its element, but it could have gone even further. Still great work. We would have liked to have seen more details on design thinking and while both street and track were included and all requirements were met, it impacted the effectiveness of its presentation that they were split in two.


Street Design: 6
Track Design: 3
Technical: 6
Aerodynamics: 3

6th Place Winner
Kaze R by tibor-11

Kaze R

Like Tibor said, this is meant to be bringing the track and street look into one. We like both but feel with a few more edits this could have been more appealing to many more customers. Perhaps there's too much compromise in the street design. The same can be said for the track version. We like the concept but wish there was a little more personality in both. This popped up into the top entries in a surprising way and we're glad it did. While it didn't thrill in any particular category, overall, we couldn't help loving it.

Street Design: 7
Track Design: 7
Technical: 7
Aerodynamics: 4

7th Place Winner
"Monkfish" EVO 500G - Sea-Devil - by chris.teddy.manka-1

"Monkfish" EVO 500G - Sea-Devil -

Somehow the organic lines come off as overly aggressive or over-designed in the metallic material chosen for the main street design. Looks more simple and elegant in the darker body renders. Again a few more edits, like fewer details around the front wheels, would have made this an all-star. The attitude and details work much better in the track version. There were some really cool things done with the technical details but we were a bit disappointed that the logos weren't used in a more useful way or with better presentation.

Street Design: 8
Track Design: 6
Technical: 5
Aerodynamics: 7

8th Place Winner
500G Viva track car by flaviano.crespi

500G Viva track car

Feels like the smoother version of HYPER's street design. Thank goodness for its soft curves which look so sexy without being agressive. Again, it's almost too much. The simpleness of some of the other entries makes this seem a bit over the top. The softness doesn't translate as well in the track version. The details don't seem to fit seamlessly and look more like a later addition. Still there's something really enjoyable about the overall passion put into the work.

Street Design: 5
Track Design: 8
Technical: 8
Aerodynamics: 8

Members included in the World Vote as finalists...

Narrowing the selection down for the world vote took many hours and more than a little discussion and a lot of heated opinions. We may be a little biased but we feel this contest has had the most density of talent than any other GrabCAD contest.

A good number of contestants missed inclusion by the very narrowest of margins. Those contestants who submitted quality entries certainly know who they are, and I've personally expressed those opinions to them in the comments. All contestants should bear in mind the Supercar System is engineered for swappable bodies precisely so customers can have more than one solution, this is only Supercar body 1.0.

Upcoming contests this year with GrabCAD will feature radically different themes so stay tuned. We hope to blow your minds a little. Once more, a heartfelt thanks to all the contestants that poured hours into their creations.

· Andrey Chernorot
· arifin santoso
· Benjamin Garson
· Clix
· Fateh MERRAD
· K Doan
· Marius Flitar
· michael gray
· NJoyDesign
· Pedro Almeida
· sisahaye
· Steve Hansil
· Greg Thompson

- Paolo Tiramani, 500 Group CEO and Founder

Don't forget all of these amazing entries, too..

You can see that we've taken the time to recognize many other entries, below, that were nominated by Community members and jury members alike for doing something special or adding a little more excitement to the mix with some delicious eye candy.

- 500 Group, GrabCAD

Honorable mention
<AN-500 by jissi-1


Honorable mention
Project 500 by arifin.santoso-1

Project 500

Honorable mention
FULMINE - Final by jura.stok--1


Honorable mention
G-splinter by marius.flitar


Honorable mention
"1000rs" Race version by sisahaye

"1000rs" Race version

See also: "1000 r" road version

Honorable mention

Honorable mention
SUPERCAR2013 Orix Prototype by steve.hansil-1

SUPERCAR2013 Orix Prototype

Honorable mention
supercar beautiful G500 by hamza.boulkrar-1

  supercar beautiful G500

Honorable mention
500G challenge - Manta Ray - Final entry (road/street) by mitja.lunder-1

500G challenge - Manta Ray - Final entry (road/street)

Honorable mention
Jeorjia Street by paride.stella-1

Jeorjia Street

See also: jeorjia Track

Honorable mention
FILO by ramon.ramirez-2


Honorable mention
500G Murena by jan.petruzela

500G Murena

Honorable mention
Bucarsa500 by bucarsa-1


Honorable mention
500 Group CherAn Supercar Concept 03 by andrey.chernorot

500 Group CherAn Supercar Concept 03

Honorable mention
SB_01 by matt.brunelli-1


Honorable mention
project_5GR by k.doan-1


Honorable mention
Hydra (Track) Michael Gray by michael.gray-1

Hydra (Track) Michael Gray

See also: Hydra (Street) Michael Gray

Honorable mention
MRS 500G by ramzanms-1

MRS 500G

Honorable mention
500 Group SC 8 by anouar.barodi-1

500 Group  SC 8

Honorable mention
500G EEVA Supercar by njoydesign

500G EEVA Supercar

Honorable mention
500G Supercar2013 Design PZ by pedro.azevedo-1

500G Supercar2013 Design PZ

Honorable mention
Conqueror by goran.bundaleski


Honorable mention
Group 500 Supercar by henrik.guelzow-1

Group 500 Supercar

Honorable mention
N500G TELOS STREET by nikosm-1


See also: N500G TELOS TRACK

Honorable mention
Supercar Design by norbert.hajdu-1

Supercar Design

Honorable mention
500G by oscar-266


Honorable mention
Petrucci concept by -2850

Petrucci concept
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