Thanks to everyone who participated! There were so many unique solutions for this Drone Container Challenge. Our Judges believe these finalists created the best solutions. Next, we'll be taking an in-depth look at all of the technical specifications and how each entrant performed in those areas. Which one is your favorite? Did we leave anything amazing off the list? See something we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

First Place
'The Savior' - A Modular Attachment for Disaster Relief Drones by sanyog.lamsal-2

'The Savior' - A Modular Attachment for Disaster Relief Drones

The Unique design of this model is amazing. Especially its modular attachments of this container is a great touch.

Second Place
"La Cápsula" by antonella.pastor-2

"La Cápsula"

We love the design of this submission since not just a box, it also has multiple uses and takes into account of the environment.

Third Place
Samaras Suppliers by siam.shakil-1

Samaras Suppliers

We love the simple design of this model. The uniqueness of the free-falling propellors was a nice touch to this design.

For those new to the Challenge process, we release what we believe to be the top entries. They are listed in no particular order. Over the next two weeks, participants are able to voice their support or concerns. We encourage everyone following to leave a comment with their favorite or let us know if we left a great entry out of the mix. Don't think of this as a vote - we want to connect with you on these concepts and that means more than having you submit entries it also means getting your feedback, too.

Remember that we encourage feedback but if any toxic behavior comes from any GrabCAD User that participating in this challenge will be disqualified and will be removed from the Challenge (also can result into a suspension from GrabCAD).

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