1st Place
expanding web by mark.lebeau

expanding web

Beautiful concept. Least parts of all entries, developed from earlier high quality entry this is a real step forward.
We are looking forward to taking this into production.

Flying Machine

2nd Place
End grip and cable access clip by brett--14

End grip and cable access clip

This is a very close second and is the best solution to the overall challenge of improving both the end plug and the tape finishing ring. Great solution for the finishing ring particularly, we will definitely be using this part of the design when we start moving this into production.

Flying Machine

3rd Place
RC END CAP CONCEPT 2 by rory--2


Very nice design and graphics, ability to use the same components for both ends as well as for both size bars is a real plus. The clasp piece being separate would allow for painting/ colouring flexibility.

Flying Machine

4th Place
Bike handlebar special collet v4 by hevi

Bike handlebar special collet v4

Amazing amount of work put into this one. Final version very well resolved. Minimal parts easy to produce.. And it already has a working prototype.

Flying Machine

5th Place
EASYSTYLE handlebar plug & clamp by mickey.gole

EASYSTYLE handlebar plug & clamp

Visually very nice concept, well resolved. Unique idea with the translucent plastic logo detail.

Flying Machine

6th Place
Bicycle Handlebar ASSY by bettak

Bicycle Handlebar ASSY

This is the closest to our original visualisation for the new plug before we started the challenge, except this version is more advanced and better resolved.

Flying Machine
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