And the winners are...

Congrats to the winners and all of the finalists. There were so many unique solutions for this tough, printing challenge. We have a lot of bike commuters in our office and this challenge provided a lot of interesting and unique ideas that inspired us. To pick the winners, the judges tested each of the finalists' submissions based on printing ease, design, weight, and ease of attachment. Congrats again to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated!

GrabCAD Staff

1st Place "Make it more fun to ride" - Flying Pedals
Flying pedals by eugen.juravliov-1

Flying pedals

There were many fun models, but this one was the easiest to print and install. We could easily see this becoming a viable product marketed towards children. This model finds a way to keep it's design simple, but elegant in that it uses pressure fit to attach to the end of each pedal.


1st Place "Make your commute easier" - Handlebar Windshield
3D printed handlebar windshield (Bike Accessory Challenge; Make your commute easier ) by matthieu.lemaitre-2

3D printed handlebar windshield (Bike Accessory Challenge; Make your commute easier )

Straight forward, but obviously useful for anyone who has ridden a bike in cold weather or rain. Yet again simplicity and ease of instillation, combined with it's 3D printability helped this design come out ahead. It's connection to the brake levers was a unique way to attach the model.


1st Place "Improved bike capabilities" - Bicycle Tail Light
bicycle tail light by house-3

bicycle tail light

Out of several submission we found this one to be the most elegant and smart design for improving the capabilities of a bicycle. The integration between the tail light and the brake seemed like an ingenious solution that mirrors how brake lights work on a motor vehicle.


Finalist - Bike Beverage Cooler
Bike Beverage Cooler by

Bike Beverage Cooler

We really liked this idea and we plan on printing it on our larger industrial 3D printer, but unfortunately this model was too large to fit the parameters of the 3D printer laid out in the challenge instructions.


Finalist - Spinning Bike Reflector
Spinning Bike Reflector by alessandro.panini-1

Spinning Bike Reflector

An innovative take on the bike reflector. However, we feared that, due to the way it protrudes form the bike, it might easily be snapped off in real world use.


Finalist - Air Pump Integrated Bicycle
Air Pump Integrated Bicycle by kishan.kumar-15

Air Pump Integrated Bicycle

Really interesting idea that we all agreed we want included in our bikes. One of the main reasons why this didn't win was the fact that it required a lot of non 3D printing related modifications to the bike.


Finalist -Telescopic Mud Fender
Telescopic mud fender by nikola.mudrinski-1

Telescopic mud fender

We liked this model, but the main collapsible feature didn't prove to be a game changer in making your commute easier.


Finalist - Flexibike
FLEXiBiKE by ali.zahi-1


We really liked the flexible design, but we were worried that the model would lack the grip to stay upright resulting in the phone falling and breaking.


Finalist - Bike Gyro
Bike Gyro by jp--15

Bike Gyro

This one takes a page out of our previous crutch challenge. There were some concerns about the gyro actually falling out of it's hold when going over rough terrain.


Finalist - Bubble Machine
Bicycle Bubble machine-design by dhanasekar.vinayagamoorthy-1

Bicycle Bubble machine-design

We really liked the idea of riding down the bike path with a trail of bubbles behind us. However, there were a few issues with attachment and design that would have made it difficult to install and use.


Finalist - Free Size Holder
Free size holder 2 (Bike Accessory Challenge) by kavian.niazi-1

Free size holder 2 (Bike Accessory Challenge)

Simple design and very scalable. The only issue we had with this design was the need for metal screws to adjust the grip of the holder. Other than that we absolutely love this model.


Finalist - Corn Eater
Corn eater by marc.ahlborg-1

Corn eater

We had so much fun with this one, but ultimately it lacked a way to attach to the bike, and the weight would have put a strain on the front of the bike.

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