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CyDesign Part 3: Allison 3200 SP Transmission


Given simply an image of the engine, can you produce a detailed surface model? If so, cash in on your skills.

CyDesign is launching 6 challenges, each with a different engine or transmission that needs 3D CAD files generated for modeling. Each of the 6 challenges has a $500 prize for the best model. Win all 6 challenges and you could have $3,000 very quickly!

CyDesign is populating a small library of engines and transmissions used in the modeling of vehicles and vehicle capabilities. Currently, they have a few pictures and 2D graphics of these select engines and transmissions, but need to have 3D CAD models for each engine and each transmission. Each challenge centers around modeling specific engine or transmission.

No internal surfaces or components are required- only external surfaces need to be modeled and then rendered.

While images are provided for a starting point, these might not have as much detail as desired.

A simple Google search can pull up additional pictures, images and specifications as needed.



  • 3D CAD models submitted should be similar in fidelity to those shown in these already created GrabCAD solutions: diesel engine and diesel engine

  • Models can be done in any CAD software, need to have STEP/.stp files uploaded as final submittal. 3D Studio Max compatible files are also acceptable if you are unable to produce .stp files

  • The 3D CAD models only require external surfaces modeled and rendered; no internal surfaces/components needed/required. The final uploaded .stp file only needs to be have the assembled model without the constituent parts

  • Mono-chromatic coloring with minimal shading required; do not need complex, multi-light source shading

  • 3D CAD models require one axis of rotation

  • Uploading CAD files of rendered models without permission to your GrabCAD profile is not allowed

  • The submissions will be judged on realism, creativity and composition


  • The competition is open to everyone

  • Team entries are welcome. In case of team win, prize money will be transferred to team leader who is solely responsible for splitting it among team members

  • You may submit multiple entries

  • Tag your rendering with “ALLISON” when uploading it to GrabCAD

  • All 3DCAD files have to be public

  • Only models uploaded to GrabCAD library will participate in the competition

  • Only models uploaded through this challenge page here will participate in the competition

  • Entries to be submitted as .stp files
    .3ds files also acceptable

  • This competition ends 8/17/12


$500 for most realistic 3D CAD of the model provided

About the jury?

Submissions will be judged upon timeliness of submittal, accuracy of 3D models relative
to picture(s)/diagrams/images provided and file size of final CAD file (smaller is better).
The judges will be comprised of CyDesign and GrabCAD staff.

About CyDesign Labs

CyDesign is developing a physics-based modeling system that will let the engineer quickly assess design options against requirements during the conceptual design stage.
Should the vehicle have conventional or hybrid drive? How will thermal loads affect an implanted medical device? By providing answers to these questions early in the design, a more robust and reliable system will be built.
CyDesign Studio will help the engineer manage key requirements, keep them pertinent to the design, explore the trade space of possible design alternatives, assess the viability of these alternatives, and provide guidance resulting in a much better final product.



  • OmarX

    OmarX almost 6 years ago

    You have some information about dimensions (H x W x L) ??

    OmarX has uploaded 17 CAD models & has left 7 comments.
  • Alan Baird

    Alan Baird almost 6 years ago

    Hi Omar
    The transmissions Length is 740mm (29in) and the depth below the transmission centreline 283 (11.4in) with a shallow sump or 328mm(12.9) with a deep sump. Hope this is of some help
    Regards Alan

    Alan Baird has uploaded 107 CAD models & has left 156 comments.
  • marian

    marian almost 6 years ago

    marian has uploaded 6 CAD models & has left 15 comments.
  • David Hinz

    David Hinz almost 6 years ago

    OmarX and others,

    yes, i have been challenged to find better images as well.
    that is why included the specific part name, as others may have
    better luck than i do (which happened on the detroit engine challenge!)

    do your best on this challenge in the short time frame!
    thanks for the great support.

    David Hinz has uploaded 2 CAD models & has left 95 comments.
  • David Hinz

    David Hinz almost 6 years ago

    Great entries so far!
    thanks for all of your hard work.

    David Hinz has uploaded 2 CAD models & has left 95 comments.
  • Ryan Priddy

    Ryan Priddy almost 6 years ago

    Not sure what criteria was met for the winner to be selected but both Provost's entry and My entry more accurate and contained more detail than the selected winner. Both contained smaller file size, one member team, and details / Allison font were fair more accurate to the pictures given.

    Ryan Priddy has uploaded 7 CAD models & has left 3 comments.
  • David Hinz

    David Hinz almost 6 years ago

    Thanks to everyone for participating in CyDesign's GrabCAD challenge.

    We continue to be amazed at the high level of quality, accuracy and completeness provided by each entry; this community is awesome! We appreciate everyone's time and effort, as all the entries were very good indeed.

    We look forward to working with this community in other challenges soon.

    David Hinz has uploaded 2 CAD models & has left 95 comments.
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