1st Place - $2,000
lurssen brake by marcin.otreba-1

lurssen brake

Very good concept with completely free door movement in case of no wind. Easy to integrate and no electrics or hydraulics involved.

Frank Lüssen, Lürssen Werft

2nd Place - $1,500
Lurssen Wind Breaker - Rotary Oil Damper by grant.griffin-1

Lurssen Wind Breaker - Rotary Oil Damper

Also good concept, compact design and very nice presentation.

Frank Lüssen, Lürssen Werft

3rd Place - $500
Dampener Hydraulic Cylinder by joshua.shepherd

Dampener Hydraulic Cylinder

Interesting idea for a damper with transfer of rotation into axial movement, also compact but will require some further research and could be prone to oil leakage.

Frank Lüssen, Lürssen Werft

4th Place
Lurssen Wind Breaker Door Dampener by patrick.hughes--1

Lurssen Wind Breaker Door Dampener

Simple and elegant but will require further investigation and design.

Frank Lüssen, Lürssen Werft

5th Place
AcoDoor by ramses.chavez


Could be more elaborate, but interesting idea to give the door a different movement thus avoiding door slamming entirely.

Frank Lüssen, Lürssen Werft
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