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Deck vent for luxury yachts builder Saare Yachts

Another CrowdCAD challenge! Luxury yacht builder Saare Yachts needs help with designing their deck vent. Come up with the best solution and bag a cool $2000 for your effort.

The challenge is to design and engineer a deck vent solution that works both when the sailboat is in the middle of the sea, and also when docked in the harbor. Deck vent lets fresh air into the cabin of the yacht to keep the humidity levels inside and outside as close to equal as possible.

The ventilator must be easily adjustable to let in as much or as little air as the user wishes, it needs to operate smoothly (seawater and dirt are a constant companion), have a visual indication that shows how open or closed the vent currently is, and be low maintenance.

The vents currently used have a couple of problems – a threaded system is not best suited for the sea as dirt and salty sea water can enter the thread, making the adjustment of the vent difficult or impossible.

Secondly, the threaded system is not the most user-friendly option as it can take more than 10 turns of the knob to fully close the vent. As said earlier, there’s also no indicator telling whether the vent is open or closed.

In addition to that, Saare Yachts would like to see alternative materials used instead of stainless. This is not a hard requirement though, whatever material you use should withstand salty sea water and has to be easy to clean.

Below is an image of a ventilator by Vetus which is used today.


  • New closing mechanism – something other than the threaded system used today

  • Weatherproof – must last on an open water yacht

  • No direct access to the cabin through the ventilator

  • Vent must withstand human weight once installed (if somebody accidentally steps on it)

  • Air and water proof once fully closed

  • When open, rain and random splashes of water should not get through the vent into the cabin

  • Simple manufacturable design

  • Ease of installation

  • Maximum airflow possible

  • Dimensions – use the Vetus vent (see below) as a soft reference

  • Design – keep it elegant, we’re dealing with a classical sailing yacht here

  • Soft requirement – you are free to pick your material


  • Winning design will be chosen based on the functionality and the opening/closing mechanism, and all other requirements outlined above

  • The competition is open to everyone.

  • Team entries are welcome. In case of team win, prize money will be transferred to team leader who is solely responsible for splitting it among team members.

  • You can submit several designs.

  • Only models uploaded to GrabCAD library will participate in the competition.

  • Tag your model with “saareyachts” to make it easier to find.

  • You may upload a private model but you need to share access to indrek@grabcad.com

  • Privately uploaded models will be made public after the competition deadline.

  • Models can be done in any CAD software as long as a STEP or IGES files are also uploaded.

  • Competition starts: 3rd of August, 2011

  • Competition ends: 14th of August, 2011

  • Competition winner will be announced in GrabCAD’s blog.

About the jury?

The best design will be picked by a joint jury of Saare Yachts and GrabCAD

About Saare Yachts

Saare Yachts is a luxury yacht builder located on the small island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea. Ancient local maritime culture and boat building traditions run in their veins.


  • Karco

    Karco almost 11 years ago

    I would like to know where are my two models presented.
    I can't see them within the 80 entries submitted here.
    I await your reply, thank you

    Karco has uploaded 163 CAD models & has left 738 comments.
  • Karco

    Karco almost 11 years ago

    You can see them in this two addresses:


    saareyachts DOS


    Karco has uploaded 163 CAD models & has left 738 comments.
  • Timothy Peter

    Timothy Peter almost 11 years ago

    I do not see my submittal either

    Timothy Peter has uploaded 2 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • Karco

    Karco almost 11 years ago

    Ok, all is right now.
    Thank you very much.

    Karco has uploaded 163 CAD models & has left 738 comments.
  • Kristina Narusk

    Kristina Narusk almost 11 years ago

    Timothy, take a look now. I've added the correct tag 'saareyachts' to your entry, so now it should be appearing in all the right places.
    Thanks for participating and pointing to this detail!

    Kristina Narusk has uploaded 1 CAD models & has left 107 comments.
  • Vince Haley

    Vince Haley over 10 years ago


    I noticed that my entry is not showing up in the big list. Please have a look into this. Thanks

    Vince Haley has uploaded 12 CAD models & has left 26 comments.
  • Matthew Perkins

    Matthew Perkins over 10 years ago

    My entry does not look to be properly appearing in the list either; have I not done something correctly?

    Matthew Perkins has uploaded 2 CAD models & has left 14 comments.
  • Mihkel

    Mihkel over 10 years ago

    I´m looking at the winning work and thinking that it didnt fill all the requirements.

    -The ventilator must be easily adjustable to let in as much or as little air as the user wishes.

    It has only open/closed position?

    Mihkel has uploaded 6 CAD models & has left 17 comments.
  • Cemal Uslu

    Cemal Uslu over 10 years ago

    I have seen better ones than the winner design here.
    Anyway. It was nice to join to the competiton. :)

    Cemal Uslu has uploaded 44 CAD models & has left 321 comments.
  • Karco

    Karco over 10 years ago

    Ciertamente tampoco estoy muy de acuerdo con la forma en que se han valorado ciertops aspectos, pero acepto el resultado y espero con impaciencia un nuevo reto en el que pueda volver a participar.
    Sí que me gustaría añadir, señores de GrabCad, que no stoy para nada contento con su actuación tanto en este como en otro, al menos, de sus concursos, teniendo algunas personas que implorar por la presencia de sus dibujos en las presentaciones.
    Eso me hace pensar tristemente si todos hemos tenido igualdad de oportunidades realmente debido a esta circunstancia. espero y deseo esto no vuelva a repetirse por el buen funcionamiento de esta web y porque se mantenga nuestro altro grado de entusiasmo dispuesto a colaborar con ustedes.
    Muchas gracias y reitero aquí mi felicitación a cuantos han conseguido ser los vencedores de este concurso.

    Saludos de Carco

    Certainly nor am I very much agree with the way in which have been valued aspects, but I accept the result and look forward to a new challenge in which to return to participate.
    Yes I would add, lords of GrabCad, that not stoy at all happy with his performance both in this and other, at least, of its competitions, having some people praying by the presence of his drawings in presentations.
    That makes me think sadly if we have all had equal opportunities really due to this circumstance. I hope and wish this does not happen again for the proper functioning of this Web site and stays our altro degree of enthusiasm willing to collaborate with you.
    Thank you and I here reiterate my congratulations to all those who have managed to become the winners of this contest.

    Carco greetings

    Karco has uploaded 163 CAD models & has left 738 comments.
  • Kristina Narusk

    Kristina Narusk over 10 years ago

    Bent, I double checked your models. <a href="http://grabcad.com/library/sare-deck-vent">One of your entries</a> is listed and can be seen among the competing models here. <a href="http://grabcad.com/library/saare-yacht-deck-vent">The second one</a> is not listed simply because it was uploaded after the deadline of August 14th.

    Kristina Narusk has uploaded 1 CAD models & has left 107 comments.
  • Kristina Narusk

    Kristina Narusk over 10 years ago

    Vince and Matthew, your designs were not overlooked and the reason they are currently not showing up in this list is likely caused by time zone difference between your regional and our database. Thanks for pointing out, we're double checking this.

    Kristina Narusk has uploaded 1 CAD models & has left 107 comments.
  • Tim TRuong

    Tim TRuong over 10 years ago

    Have we got a winning design yet?

    Tim TRuong has uploaded 6 CAD models & has left 9 comments.
  • Hardi Meybaum

    Hardi Meybaum over 10 years ago

    Yes, please check the results page.

    Hardi Meybaum has uploaded 6 CAD models & has left 772 comments.
  • chandan

    chandan about 9 years ago

    what is last date of submission

    chandan has uploaded 54 CAD models & has left 22 comments.
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