We want to thank the whole community for participating in this challenge. We had fantastic entries in this challenge and we were very impressed with all the submissions but its time to show you the top finalists of the challenge!

First Place
Enapter challenge watertrap by martijn.piket-1

Enapter challenge watertrap

A simple and yet very creative and innovative design. We really like the nanotechnology approach. The design offers some promise of improved performance, but is unlikely to come close to the target as condensation is limited by ambient temperature. Excellent execution of the model and report writing.

Second Place
SPM Water Trap by renveer.a.r-1

SPM Water Trap

A creative approach that offers considerable performance increase. The concept with the SPM is particularly interesting.

Third Place
Enapterchallenge watertrap by alessandro-231

Enapterchallenge watertrap

The "less component is better" principle gives this design great manufacturability. It allows a lost-cost mass production of the components.

Fourth Place
TEG Liquid Desiccant System by trevor.tietgen-1

TEG Liquid Desiccant System

Fifth Place

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