Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place:
Steering Column Support by austin.brittain-1

Steering Column Support

Liked your use of generative design. Great that this is an end use part for your SAE car. If you are using this for racing might suggest FDM and Nylon 12 CF over Poly Jet. Overall great design and great part.


2nd Place:
Circular Pill Container by

Circular Pill Container

Like that this is a moving assembly. Could probably be tweaked and printed as one part on Stratasys printers. If this really is not available in current form it should be put on market!!


3rd Place:
Boston Dynamic Robotic-Dog like Toy by jaseem.muhammad-3

Boston Dynamic Robotic-Dog like Toy

Liked the creativity. Complex use of gears systems. Tests a young child’s imagination - way cooler than many of the toys on the market today.


Honorable Mention:
pencil holder_Pineapple by gea.lurudancang-1

pencil holder_Pineapple

Not your everyday desk organizer - what a great idea to not force highlighter into the fronds. An interesting and useful redesign of the desk organizer. Maybe consider art and design next year.


Funnel Ventilation by jonathan.fitch-1

Funnel Ventilation

Would like to test this! Simple design - if it works and doesn't overflow this is awesome.




Great idea but, not that unique. Try stretching this idea beyond toothbrushes. Also don't know how 3DP makes this idea better.


Mobile phone audio amplifier by mercedes.sifontes-1

Mobile phone audio amplifier

Like that this design solves a real problem. Would like to see testing that this works!


Development of blended solid-lattice designs for 3D printing, to be used in space-station or space missions using zero-gravity 3D printer by venkatesh.krishnan-2

Development of blended solid-lattice designs for 3D printing, to be used in space-station or space missions using zero-gravity 3D printer

Nice concept -- would like to understand why this would be useful to someone on the space station and how it truly has practical application. Lattice structures are a design element - focus on what you can do with the structure and not just structure itself.


Redesigned Gear Depthing Tool by aris.hatzaroulas-1

Redesigned Gear Depthing Tool

Looks functional and like it solves a problem. Good job! You put a ton of work into this multi body assembly -- please think about summarizing and distilling the practical purpose in here -- you almost said too much and therefore confused the judges.


water saving apparatus by

water saving apparatus

Like the intention of this part. Not sure how much this is different then what exists today. Some differentiation of that in description could help us better judge the part.

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