1st Place Winner (Overall)
GC Challenge by thinkin3d-2

GC Challenge

Incredibly complex machine, that is beautifully rendered. The sheer number of parts makes it a great example of the "hardcore" engineering products created every day that require careful collaboration. The photorealistic rendering shows off the inside complexity and inner workings very well. The wireframe doesn't miss a single detail but still manages to be clear and simple for the viewer. Again, the non-photorealistic rendering adds textures that really show off the detail. The use of neutral colors throughout make for an interesting opportunity for Mikk to combine them all for something really cool!

- GrabCAD Team

2nd Place Winner (Overall)
GC render reducer by verislav.mudrak

GC render reducer

Really nice renderings and wireframe of a device with moving parts and a nice exterior. We just love that you exploded the CAD model for this series! This rendering does an excellent job of showing the "hardcore" inner workings. As a complete set of renderings, this really impressed all of us.

- GrabCAD Team

3rd Place Winner (Overall)
Great rendering challenge(Gear mechanism) by nikola.guitarman-1

Great rendering challenge(Gear mechanism)

Simple and elegant model that illustrates an important general mechanism. All engineers are suckers for gears. Love the rendering. It would be cool to see the mechanism come to life with an animation!

- GrabCAD Team

1st Place Winner (Wireframe)
Single Plate Clutch by jaswant.p.r-1

Single Plate Clutch

3rd Place Winner (Wireframe)

1st Place Winner (Photorealistic)
CCB by tomas--16


2nd Place Winner (Photorealistic)
Welded Pressure Vessel by heriberto.maruzza

Welded Pressure Vessel

3rd Place Winner (Photorealistic)
Watch Mechanism Close-up by steen.winther

Watch Mechanism Close-up

1st Place Winner (Non-photorealistic)

2nd Place Winner (Non-photorealistic)
Gas Turbine by sudhir.gill

Gas Turbine

3rd Place Winner (Non-photorealistic)
2HP Power Unit (Render Challenge) by 787d1706-1

2HP Power Unit (Render Challenge)

Honorable Mention
Electrical Motor for GrabCAD Great Rendering Challenge by ait.oufkir.yassine-1

Electrical Motor for GrabCAD Great Rendering Challenge
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