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GrabCAD Shop Challenge

Welcome to the first GrabCAD Shop Challenge. With the release of GrabCAD Shop, we wanted to see what you could create. With this challenge, we would like you to create a functional tool that we can 3D print and it be requested on GrabCAD Shop!

We are looking for the Community to create something unique to be 3D printed. How far can your own creativity take you to create something great?

Now you are asking yourself what should I create? We can help by putting you on the right path. We would like you to create something that can be used in the real world. May it be a camera mount, a door stopper, a stronger screwdriver, or a jig and fixture that no one has created before. We want you to come up with something and give us reasons for why this is practical and useful in the real world and how 3D printing can help speed up this process.

All finalists will be invited to check out GrabCAD Shop. You’ll be able to use Shop and showcase its features. You will even get the chance to send your entry as a print job using GrabCAD Shop, when we’ll then 3D print it for you.



    1. Unique Design

    2. A Document explaining what problem you wanted to fix and how your part will fix that problem. Must go into detail on why your part is considered the best solution for this problem.

    3. How strong is this part? Can it survive in harsh conditions?

  • Requirements needed for Submission:

    Your Tool/Part must be 3D Printable. (Use GrabCAD Print to see if your model is 3d Printable)

    Must be able to fit in a Stratasys F370 Build Volume. 355 x 254 x 355 mm

    A document explaining why your solution will be able to solve whatever problem you choose.

    STEP of design space(s)


    Final design file

    Must have GrabCAD Print save file

    Stress analysis



    If you think an entry may infringe on existing copyrighted materials, please email challenges@grabcad.com.

    By entering the Challenge you:

      1) Accept the official GrabCAD Challenges Terms & Conditions.
      2) Agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges (Jury).
      3) Warrant that you are eligible to participate.
      4) Warrant that the submission is your original work. Warrant, to the best of your knowledge, your work is not, and has not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.
      5) Warrant neither the work nor its use infringes the intellectual property rights (whether a patent, utility model, functional design right, aesthetic design right, trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property right) of any other person.
      6) Warrant participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.
      7) Are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs.
      8) Agree the Sponsor and GrabCAD have the right to promote all entries.


    Only entries uploaded to GrabCAD through the "Submit entry" button on this Challenge page will be considered an entry. Only public entries are eligible. We encourage teams to use GrabCAD Workbench for developing their entries. Entries are automatically given the tag "grabcadshopchallenge2020" when uploading to GrabCAD. Please do not edit or delete this tag. Only entries with valid tag will participate in the Challenge.


    The sum of the Awards is the total gross amount of the reward. The awarded participant is solely liable for the payment of all taxes, duties, and other similar measures if imposed on the reward pursuant to the legislation of the country of his/her residence, domicile, citizenship, workplace, or any other criterion of similar nature. Only 1 award per person. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged. All winners will be contacted by the GrabCAD staff to get their contact information and any other information needed to get the prize to them. Payment of cash awards is made through PayPal. All team awards will be transferred to the member who entered the Challenge.

  • We will release the finalists before the announcement of the winners to give the Community an opportunity to share their favorites in the comments, discuss concerns, and allow time for any testing or analysis by the Jury. The Jury will take the feedback into consideration when picking the winners.

    Winning designs will be chosen based on the Rules and Requirements.

  • Schedule

    This Challenge ends on July 27th, 2020 (23:59 EST.) Finalists will be announced on August 3rd, 2020. Winners will be announced on August 10th, 2020.


GrabCAD Prizes!

First Place

GrabCAD T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Print and (Limited License to GrabCAD Shop)

Second Place

GrabCAD T-Shirt and Water Bottle and Print

Third Place

GrabCAD Water Bottle and Print

Fourth Place

Printed Model

Fifth Place

Printed Model

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  • Aayush Wadehra

    Aayush Wadehra almost 2 years ago

    Just a quick question for this challenge- can the submission be decorative, with a functional purpose? For example if I were to design a unique, decorative desk organizer, with the purpose of clearing clutter on my desk and presenting an aesthetic and minimalist appearance, would that be permitted? Or is the challenge more geared towards 'tools' and similar objects? Thank you, and I look forward to competing!

    Aayush Wadehra has uploaded 4 CAD models & has left 9 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Hello Aayush,
    Yes as long you are solving some sort of problem with your design and it can be 3d Printed and you document on why it can solve this problem it will be accepted into this challenge.


    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Kenneth G McNeil

    Kenneth G McNeil almost 2 years ago

    I have two questions regarding the required items in the submission. One, when you say, "renderings," what are you exactly asking for? Second, you ask for "GrabCAD Print save file" I own an Ender 3, and whenever I upload my designs to Thingyvirs or even here on GrabCAD, I just put up the STL files. Will that work?

    Kenneth G McNeil has uploaded 10 CAD models & has left 23 comments.
  • shreyas

    shreyas almost 2 years ago

    Is external material is allowed to use like spring rubber etc.??

    shreyas has uploaded 32 CAD models & has left 38 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Kenneth, We are asking for Model Render that you create to make the model look nice using programs such as Keyshot. You must make sure that your model is 3D Printable so you can download GrabCAD Print, our 3D printing software for Stratasys Printers and make sure you model will be able to print on a F370 Printer. You dont have to a printer to use the software you can use a template of an F370 to get a general idea if your model will print.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Also everyone, Make sure that you have Documentation explaining why your model solves a certain problem with your entry. You will lose points if you don't have documentation uploaded with your submission.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Aayush Wadehra

    Aayush Wadehra almost 2 years ago

    I noticed that the countdown says we have 9 days left for submissions, but the contest rules imply that the deadline is July 20th (3 days away) Can someone please clarify?

    Aayush Wadehra has uploaded 4 CAD models & has left 9 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Due to a miscommunication the Challenge will be ending on the 27th

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Mihir Dhamnaskar

    Mihir Dhamnaskar almost 2 years ago

    I have 3 main ques:
    1. How to check if the model is printable after downloading the software and importing a model?
    2. How to see if the model is within the build volume?
    3. Will you guys assign the material while printing or should be specify it?

    Mihir Dhamnaskar has uploaded 1 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    1. Use GrabCAD print to import your model and see if you model has any errors. GrabCAD Print should be able to fix those errors and it should be printable.
    2. GrabCAD Print shows the Build Volume of the Printer in the Software
    3. We will assign material if their isnt one given in your initial document. But if you have suggestions on what material to use we will use that.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • temp temp

    temp temp almost 2 years ago

    How to check if the model is printable ?

    temp temp has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • krishna ashish chinnari

    krishna ashish chinnari almost 2 years ago

    when finalists will be announced?

    krishna ashish chinnari has uploaded 5 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Finalists will be posted in the afternoon EST

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Finalists have been announced

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Juan Callón

    Juan Callón almost 2 years ago

    congratulations and good luck to the finalists!

    Juan Callón has uploaded 19 CAD models & has left 83 comments.

    BENJAMIN OKELLO almost 2 years ago

    Wishing the finalists the best of luck and congratulating them upon this achievement for being selected among the best. Cheers.

    BENJAMIN OKELLO has uploaded 72 CAD models & has left 91 comments.
  • Alex E

    Alex E almost 2 years ago

    Congratulations to the finalists, however there are two entries that I feel were passed over:

    First, the “Adventurer's Multi Use Mount (PVC Pipe Mount)” was very impressively designed, and the designer clearly documented the problem, provided several different views and orientations, and also also provided strength analysis documentation. His work felt very thorough and more detailed that even some of the selected finalists - and I was under the impression that the rules of this challenge involved solving a problem, which I felt this design did especially well.

    Second, the “The Handy Charger - 3 in 1 Bedside Device Mount” - this design has by far the most thorough problem documentation - it features a whole separate document with cross referenced images and the potential for customizing the design. Additionally, the designer adhered to the contest rules and provided a .Print file, I imagine they generated in GrabCAD print. I think Problem Documentation should be valued more highly, and thus this design should be commended on the obvious effort they made on their documentation.

    I feel that both of these designs are deserving of being finalists, mainly because they followed the theme of the Challenge (Problem Solving and Problem Documentation) very well.

    Best of luck to all of the finalists, and kudos to all who submitted designs.

    Alex E has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 5 comments.
  • Kenneth G McNeil

    Kenneth G McNeil almost 2 years ago

    Thank you Alex E for noting my entry. I tried very hard on my project and actually printed it out for my own use. Maybe I should have posted the printed out images to show that the hinges are possible to be 3D printed. Also, maybe it would have given everyone a better visual imaging to see it on my personal vehicle. I guess in the end all I can do is try even harder on the next challenge that I decided to do.

    Kenneth G McNeil has uploaded 10 CAD models & has left 23 comments.
  • Alex E

    Alex E almost 2 years ago

    You're welcome Kenneth, and great job on the design! I think that the rules should be more closely examined, and that the jury should use the rules as a guideline for the finalists. The rules state:

    1) The design must be unique- There are several designs that are simply homemade models of existing solutions (I dont want to pick on any of the finalists, but many of the submitted designs have been done before) - I think your submission and the "Handy Charger" submission are very unique.

    2) Submission must contain a DOCUMENT that details the problem and examines the solution - almost no entries did this! Only the "Handy Charger" entry actually provided a detailed Document, as per the rules.

    3) Part Strength - I feel that your entry and the "Hook" entry did this the best. However one could argue that strength might not be a design criteria for some of the other problems.

    Regardless, I really like your solution, and wish you the best in future competitions!

    Alex E has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 5 comments.
  • siddhant shrivastava

    siddhant shrivastava almost 2 years ago

    When will be the final result is going to be announced as mentioned: "Winners will be announced on August 10th, 2020."?

    siddhant shrivastava has uploaded 8 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    Thank you everyone for being apart of this challenge. We will be send the winners an email later this week inviting you to GrabCAD Shop and we will announce the Winners next week.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    GrabCAD Shop Winners will be announced today.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa almost 2 years ago

    We are currently experiencing back end issues. We will announce the winners when the back end has been fixed.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 181 comments.
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