1st Place
Lifetrac Backhoe by troy--4

Lifetrac Backhoe

We really liked the simple, compact design. The selling feature was the stabilizer legs mounting on the life-trac mount. We also liked that the boom would be easily fabricable, yet still "sexy" and robust. We
may modify the boom rotation so it uses a chain and sprocket with the cylinders.

Brianna, Kufa Designs

2nd Place
LTBackhoe rev3 by nicolas--28

LTBackhoe rev3

Had many well thought out components. We really appreciate that all connections had bushings and cotter pins. We like the
bearings everywhere, and will consider using them. Also, the booms are nicely constructed. The major flaw was that the stabilizer arms go out too much in front of the tractor, instead of to the sides. We also didn't like that there were 2 boom cylinders instead of one (and that many other designs copied this!). Interesting quick connect for bucket, but a little too complex. Also, the mounts for the hoses are very well done, and we will likely use this as well. We also like the bucket. this looks

Brianna, Kufa Designs

3rd Place
LT_BACKHOE by 5329f281-1


Good in simplicity, we like that you used actual backhoe pins! Not sure about the linkages under the seat. Bucket seems too large. We like that bucket teeth are removeable, but they should be solid-ended, not tubing. This will wear quickly.

Brianna, Kufa Designs

4th Place
LTbackhoe_H1 by hendy


Was good in that it was robust enough, but boom would be difficult to fabricate.

Brianna, Kufa Designs

5th Place
LTBackhoe Rev.2 Final by branko.stokuca

LTBackhoe Rev.2 Final

We liked the overall simplicity, but worry about the robustness. Especially in the boom rotation. Without some sort of support in there, that connection will bend right off.

Brianna, Kufa Designs

6th Place
Backhoe design by brisek

Backhoe design

Good booms, but linkages are too long. Will likely bend over time. Weak boom rotation.

Brianna, Kufa Designs
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