We want to thank the whole community for participating in this challenge. We had fantastic entries in this challenge and we were very impressed with all the submissions but its time to show you the top finalists of the challenge!

First Place
NASAGANTRY2020 ALLGO CS by christie.s-1


Solid design with an excellent deployment animation. Good loads analysis and good packaging description.
Very credible and complete submission. The deployment concept looked clean and simple.

Second Place
ALLGO-GC by anouar.barodi-1


Really nice realistic design concept. The packaging looked very good. Appeared very mass efficient. Very nice detail on the wheel modules. Nice storage design for SLS Block 1B cargo configuration

Third Place
Archie by jouni.huopana-1


The design is scalable and has redundancy. Full arch tubes could reduce leakage at the ends. Deployment animation and CAD models are excellent. Lifting force vs internal pressure was provided.

Fourth Place
Tetrahedral inflated truss gantry by rabah.slimani-1

Tetrahedral inflated truss gantry

Simple but highly effective looking structure. Inflation animation and packing very good.

Fifth Place
ALLGO Tubecrane by ben.marken-1

ALLGO Tubecrane

Good animation and packaging. Innovative three tube design

Honorable Mention
ALLGO Dardo v0 by Rabotti Riccardo by riccardo.rabotti-1

ALLGO Dardo v0 by Rabotti Riccardo

Very complete package with a solid design

Honorable Mention
A-frame ALLGO by a.h.ghadamian-1

A-frame ALLGO

Good solid design. Wheel modules and lifting system are well done.

Honorable Mention
Inflatable crane - Artemis Contest by eduardo.jud-1

Inflatable crane - Artemis Contest

Solid and structurally effective looking design for an early gantry system.

For those new to the Challenge process, we release what we believe to be the top entries. They are listed in no particular order. Over the next week, participants are able to voice their support or concerns. We encourage everyone following to leave a comment with their favorite or let us know if we left a great entry out of the mix. Don't think of this as a vote - we want to connect with you on these concepts and that means more than having you submit entries it also means getting your feedback, too.

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