And the winners are...

Since its very beginning, Rabaconda has involved as many people in the product development process as possible. When we received the idea to build a portable folding workbench we instantly knew that this is a perfect challenge for the GrabCAD Community. Without a doubt, it was a great decision!

We are truly happy to receive so many different entries! We are sincerely grateful for the time and effort all participants have put into this challenge to show their best designs. There are numerous solutions with skilled use of materials, cool features, awesome looks, great presentation skills, and out of the box thinking.

When deciding winners, we used our knowledge of manufacturing and experience from racing to rate all finalists for each design guideline. The estimated cost of each design (medium sized production batches) and if the entry was in production-ready state were covered in the easy to manufacture category. For usability we evaluated the time and effort needed for setting it up, the placement of tools and storage compartments, wall mounting simplicity, and the mobility and locking option. Keeping the design simple and light-weight without losing any key features played a role, as well. You can see the ratings for each entry in the list, below along with our comments on the entry, overall.

Special thanks to GrabCAD for making this challenge possible and to everyone who submitted a design, commented and shared their know-how. We love the collaboration of involving engineers with a range of skills in the creation of something new and useful. It has been a great experience for us and we hope you all have learned something new from it!

- Rabaconda and EXO Bike

1st Place Winner
Portable Desk: Rabaconda Race Case by jonathan.brazeau-3

Portable Desk: Rabaconda Race Case

The way Jonathan has presented his development processes since the early stages has been just outstanding! His personal experience as a dirt biker has really helped him to perceive the needs for the concept and to add his own touch. He has addressed many problems that have gone unnoticed for many others. Such as the leg stance, additional workspace options, helmet hooks. Besides great functionality he has also managed to keep the construction simple and easily producible which is one of the main goals of the challenge. And it looks awesome! This is a great example for GrabCADrs on how to stand out with great presentation of your work and documenting your process!

Easy to manufacture: 1
Assembly, mounting, locking: 1
Light: 5
Rigid and stable: 1

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

2nd Place Winner
RABACONDA Portable Tool Desk by anouar.barodi-1

RABACONDA Portable Tool Desk

Anouars design is really beautiful! Furthermore he has well shown how the case is constructed. Working area covered with rubber mat and raised edges on all 4 sides is practical. Both offered solutions for legs are strong, adjustable and easy to set up. Paper roll holder folds in nicely. The design covers all the needs and requirements for portable workbench. Magnificent!

Easy to manufacture: 2
Assembly, mounting, locking: 2
Light: 6
Rigid and stable: 2

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

3rd Place Winner
Rabaconda Pro Mobile Workbench by david.pedersen-1

Rabaconda Pro Mobile Workbench

Sturdy design with an extra large working area option. Good to have the large drawer also accessible with the lid closed. Removable tabletop lid allows storage of larger things. Easily theft-proofed when wall-mounted. Hidden leg sockets keep the look clean. Excellent job!

Easy to manufacture: 3
Assembly, mounting, locking: 3
Light: 7
Rigid and stable: 3

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

5th Place Winner
Rabaconda Pit Master by mike-1307

Rabaconda Pit Master

We love the idea of having storage space on legs. Especially handy when wall mounted! One of few entries that has wheels appropriate for off-road towing, which we love. You have done a great job!

Easy to manufacture: 11
Assembly, mounting, locking: 5
Light: 2
Rigid and stable: 5

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

6th Place Winner
K1 RIDER Case by dimitar-9


The drawers sliding to the sides is a good solution offering more stability and better access to the working surface and lid. Easier to produce and simple structure with nice presentation of all parts. Great work!

Easy to manufacture: 5
Assembly, mounting, locking: 6
Light: 11
Rigid and stable: 13

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

7th Place Winner
SGCHL Portable Bike Racer Tool Desk by stefan.gales-1

SGCHL Portable Bike Racer Tool Desk

Smart and simple solution for the legs with a nice presentation of the details. Smart move to have the legs sunk under the case. Nice work!

Easy to manufacture: 12
Assembly, mounting, locking: 7
Light: 12
Rigid and stable: 6

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

8th Place Winner
Portabledesk by 787d1706-1


Though this design might be heavier than others, Casey has presented a nicely detailed heavy-duty solution with large storage compartments. Well thought-out leg adjustment system. Good job!

Easy to manufacture: 13
Assembly, mounting, locking: 8
Light: 17
Rigid and stable: 4

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

9th Place Winner
Rabaconda PC2 Bike Racer Tool Desk by ridwan.sept-1

Rabaconda PC2 Bike Racer Tool Desk

Simple with good storage and functionality. Ridwan has nicely strengthened the plastic case with metal frame. He has given it a good looking shape and needed functions. Great presentation!

Easy to manufacture: 17
Assembly, mounting, locking: 13
Light: 3
Rigid and stable: 10

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

10th Place Winner
Rabaconda SIDEKICK by Tommy by tommy.mueller-1

Rabaconda SIDEKICK by Tommy

Excellent presentation and we like how Tommy has shown how the sheet metal is modeled. It was important to have it manufacturable and these kinds of illustrations really boosted this design. Good work!

Easy to manufacture: 7
Assembly, mounting, locking: 11
Light: 18
Rigid and stable: 9

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

11th Place Winner
Rabaconda Moto-Box Black by david-1957

Rabaconda Moto-Box Black

Though David’s beast scored lower in target production price category (considering the volume), he absolutely blew us away with his off the chain look. After recovering from the initial amazed state we learned that it also has great features and functionality. The folding tool holders inside the lid allow quick access to a large number of tools. Detachable drawer could be really handy. Good leg stance. Bonus points for shoulder strap! We can really feel the soul of Rabaconda in David's moto-monster. Awesome work!

Easy to manufacture: 16
Assembly, mounting, locking: 9
Light: 13
Rigid and stable: 7

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

12th Place Winner


Jamie has designed a towing handle that is actually long enough for comfortable use. Using it to support the valuable fold-out working area adds good practical value to the design. This is also one of the few designs that has wheels big enough for towing off-road. Well done!

Easy to manufacture: 6
Assembly, mounting, locking: 10
Light: 14
Rigid and stable: 20

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

13th Place Winner
Rabaconda portable table box by julius--2

Rabaconda portable table box

Nice approach to the legs. We'd switch the location of the drawer to reduce the load on the legs. It'd be nice to get further description on how it locks closed. Julius has designed an exciting solution. The wheels are integrated nicely and the whole design looks simple and light. Clever!

Easy to manufacture: 8
Assembly, mounting, locking: 12
Light: 19
Rigid and stable: 14

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

14th Place Winner
Rabaconda Protable Tool Desk - Joshua Chung by joshua.chung

Rabaconda Protable Tool Desk - Joshua Chung

Beautiful plastic molded entry. Well thought through details and good looking design. Would be nice to see a rendering of how the legs are fixed in their position. We like the side sliding drawer. Well done!

Easy to manufacture: 18
Assembly, mounting, locking: 16
Light: 4
Rigid and stable: 18

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

15th Place Winner
Portable Bike Racer Tool Desk by pedro.rojas-1

Portable Bike Racer Tool Desk

Covers all our needs for a tool desk. Having to remove the workspace to reach those tools is not ideal. Pedro has designed a small clamp tool that could be a useful feature. Good idea!

Easy to manufacture: 19
Assembly, mounting, locking: 20
Light: 8
Rigid and stable: 12

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

16th Place Winner
Portable tool desk by kaarel-1

Portable tool desk

The quick release for legs looks handy. This entry's strength lies in its simplicity. Kaarel has nicely used locking bolts for fixing the legs and allowing quick set up. If 1 bolt would be used to fix both legs, then unfolding could be done without turning the case on its back. Good job!

Easy to manufacture: 10
Assembly, mounting, locking: 19
Light: 15
Rigid and stable: 16

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

17th Place Winner
TOOL BAG RABACONDA by oscar.augusto.lara-2


Interesting use of space inside the case. Sturdy, yet inexpensive and simple leg design. Nice!

Easy to manufacture: 14
Assembly, mounting, locking: 14
Light: 21
Rigid and stable: 11

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

18th Place Winner
Rabaconda tool desk by keep-1

Rabaconda tool desk

Great storage options with space for everything. Simple structure of panels that could be made of different materials. Well done!

Easy to manufacture: 9
Assembly, mounting, locking: 18
Light: 20
Rigid and stable: 15

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

19th Place Winner
TWIST by baris.ozbek-1


Baris came up with a good idea of using the legs as a carrying handle. We like the paper roll holder. Good thinking!

Easy to manufacture: 15
Assembly, mounting, locking: 15
Light: 16
Rigid and stable: 17

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

20th Place Winner
Portable Desk for Robaconda by karco-1

Portable Desk for Robaconda

Carco has kept it light and simple. Low number of parts is a plus. Fine looking design!

Easy to manufacture: 20
Assembly, mounting, locking: 21
Light: 9
Rigid and stable: 19

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

Portable Bike Racer Tool Desk Challenge Honorable Mention
Rabaconda Crossmania portable toolbox by 0035f4ca-1

Rabaconda Crossmania portable toolbox

Good idea of having the folding sheet with tool pouches support the lid. Well done!

Easy to manufacture: 21
Assembly, mounting, locking: 17
Light: 10
Rigid and stable: 22

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD

Portable Bike Racer Tool Desk Challenge Honorable Mention
Rabaconda portabledesk toolbox by m.termaten-1

Rabaconda portabledesk  toolbox

M Termaten has come up with an unique approach to the whole concept. The position of handles seem to be really handy. We like how the legs are integrated to the case. Excellent!

Easy to manufacture: 22
Assembly, mounting, locking: 22
Light: 22
Rigid and stable: 21

- Rabaconda, EXO Bike and GrabCAD
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