1st Street Design
Tosa Street car - Supercarbodychallenge by darren.mckeage

Tosa Street car - Supercarbodychallenge

This entry has the complete package, a dynamic mature shape that is not too extreme, great physical balance, deep signature side vents and a great adherence to working with the supplied chassis, including the front and rear boxes. Darren finished his submission by selling it well with phenomenal action renders.

500 Group

2nd Street Design
STURA-R by luis.cordoba


Taking a slightly more classic approach, the subtlety of Luis’s submission could easily get overlooked if not for the detail renders that realistically portray how the light would reflect off this body. The slight forward stance and muscular rear fenders give this car a great deal of silent power, an instant classic.

500 group

3rd Street Design
BarG by marius.flitar


This last podium position was a very close race. Marius won it by choosing a more organic solution in this submission and showed a great balance with restraint yet still giving the overall form integrity and a singular feel. This would be best appreciated in full scale. Presented very well with great renders.

500 Group

1st Track Design
Supercar Body Challenge - Track - "LM wildcat" by sylvain.gerber

Supercar Body Challenge - Track - "LM wildcat"

Here is an opportunity to be outrageous and Sylvain grabbed it. From the singular and innovative jet tail to the questionable mini nose wing and playful graphics, this submission comes to life and is impossible to ignore. As with all the better entries the renders are superb and in this case a nice multimedia artfully put together from stills.

500 Group

2nd Track Design
CherAn SCBC Concept 01 by andrey.chernorot

CherAn SCBC Concept 01

Working within the constraints of the LMP brief we felt Andrey’s entry most closely captured the feel of this breed of car while working with the different proportions of the supplied chassis. The nose is especially successful and although the lines could have been integrated a little better in some areas the overall standard is terrific including the renders which show a great deal of detail and great deal of thought.

500 Group

3rd Track Design
Furtim LMP by colin.bonathan

Furtim LMP

Despite a lack of development in both form and renders, Colin’s submission has a singular style that is completely memorable and impossible to ignore. Developing the LMP form to an angular conclusion is innovative and gives a great deal of latitude for incorporating aero further into the body. We especially liked the none-too-subtle jet reference and the body is still very coherent as a targa. Perhaps more than any submission the entry yells “Supercar”

500 Group
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