Table height adjustment mechanism challenge

1st Place
Sovella workbench V-7.0 by chris.duncan

Sovella workbench V-7.0

Our existing structure is easy to modify according to this idea. Idea to improve crank adjustability and the “storage” position of the crank is good. Duncan has sent many other proposals and he has made also good calculations from needed using power.


2nd Place
2 table to the challenge by tomek.f

2 table to the challenge

Solution is simple and the compact mechanism is easy to put in small space. Also crank position on table top is good idea.


4th Place
Sovella table - 06 Updated 01-07-12 by flaviano.crespi

Sovella table - 06 Updated 01-07-12

Technical implementation of this proposal is high quality and details have been thought through. Modeling quality is also in high level. This solution can be used in high end products.


5th Place
Stepless Size by johannes.alderse.baas

Stepless Size

This idea is unique. Of course there would be many technical details to solve, but the face of audience would be amazed, when this table is used.


7th Place
Sovella workbench by andre.ratsep

Sovella workbench

Simple idea to change needed moment; just change the crank onto other shaft.


8th Place
Workbench Concept-1 by camen

Workbench Concept-1

Good idea to add lifting and tilting feature in the same structure.


9th Place
Workbench for sovella by yerraaditya

Workbench for sovella

We liked the design details of this solution.


10th Place
Workbench with counter weight and quick release+locking mechanism by bkinvent

Workbench with counter weight and quick release+locking mechanism

Sometimes simple is beautiful; put the table in balance just adding counterweights. Of course some details would have to solve; for example transportation of the table.

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