And the winners are...

I'd like to thank all the GrabCAD members that submitted an amazing 248 entries in order to help our URBEE Team develop an appropriate car insignia. I'd also like
to thank GrabCAD for encouraging us to get involved with the very talented and enthusiastic members, by organizing this contest. It has proved extremely positive, from our perspective, and I hope all participants have benefited, as well.

The variety of entrants was quite amazing. Many celebrated the letter U, or other elements of the URBEE name. Others focused on the green aspect of the project, and focused upon symbols like the leaf, the water droplet, or the Earth. Some turned the Ethanol molecule into a graphic image, an extremely clever idea. And a few focused upon the Bison, symbol of our Province where URBEE originated. All of these ideas that we saw were very professionally presented and each philosophy was carefully explained. This was extremely helpful to us, as we had no pre-conceived ideas as to which insignia was best for us. We were wide open to seriously consider every unique proposal within this beautiful variety offered to us for consideration by the GrabCAD members.

The URBEE Team is made up predominantly of designers and engineers; likely little different than the designers that make up the GrabCAD community. Over our career, we have also entered design contests. We have won a few, and 'lost' more contests than we've won. So, we know what you are feeling as we announce the 'winners', and we have struggled with our role as judges in this contest.

From 248 amazing and highly innovative entries, we have had to pick a Winner and have also selected a Top 10. However, I would like to stress that, in our opinion, there are no 'losers' in this particular contest, ... only winners. Each and every entry has contributed to molding and sharpening our views on what type of insignia would be most suitable for the URBEE project. Each entrant has changed our mind in some way. The Winner and Top 10 best reflect our opinion, at this stage in the insignia's development, regarding what we feel would best fit our purpose. But, all entrants, each and every one, played a critical role in molding that opinion.

On behalf of all of us involved in the URBEE project, I would like to thank all entrants for such a great effort that they put into this contest. Each entrant made an impact on us, and impressed us with their creativity, imagination, and obvious world-class talent. You should be very proud of your contribution. It has been a pleasure working with all of you, and I hope we can continue to seek your help as the URBEE project progresses. Thank you GrabCAD. Greatly appreciated. Congratulations to the Winner and to the Top 10.

- Jim Kor, President KOR EcoLogic Inc.

1st Place Winner
URBEE 2 Insignia Design Challenge / The Bison by

URBEE 2 Insignia Design Challenge / The Bison

This designer looked beyond the obvious of focusing the logo around the car itself, and looked deeper. This designer conducted research into who 'we' were, and 'where' we come from. After researching this, he then focused upon the image of the Buffalo, the symbol of the Province out of which the URBEE concept emerged. URBEE is a product of its environment, and the Buffalo symbolizes URBEE's roots. We thought his treatment of the Buffalo was professional, elegant, and comprehensive. We are not completely satisfied that this would be the final insignia, but we do feel that this direction could indeed lead to the final insignia. All in, this Insignia is smart, deep, courageous, and extremely well done. Hats off to this designer.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

2nd Place Winner
Urbee-2 Insignia - AJC by andrew.coyne-1

Urbee-2 Insignia - AJC

We like this Insignia for many reasons, ... the main reason being that it can be interpreted in so many ways. This was the intention of the designer, which is an extremely clever strategy. This Insignia skirts many of our concerns because it is not obviously a LEAF or obviously a U. We had concerns with the use of the LEAF in that it may be too 'green'. In addition, we were not sure if celebrating the 'U' for URBEE was the right move for incorporation into our Insignia (even though Honda and Hyundai use the 'H' in their Insignias). This is just a beautifully proportioned Insignia that can be 'read' many ways, and yet does not slap you in the face with its meaning. It is about proportion, elegance, and beauty. A work of art. Unique to boot. Positively brilliant.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

3rd Place Winner
URBEE PROJECT 1 by victor.bonavarte.6779-1


This Insignia jumped out at us, in that it appeared as simple as one could get, and yet it still appeared strikingly unique. It appears light, efficient, and seems to take wing. It especially looks fantastic when seen on the front of the car. Clean, simple, and memorable. It is also quietly incorporates a U for URBEE. Beautifully done.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

4th Place Winner
URBEE 2 Insignia MK3 by

URBEE 2 Insignia MK3

This is a very nice Insignia, well balanced, and very well executed. It is obviously a U (for URBEE) embracing a single Leaf (indicating GREEN). These two items are well placed on a shield, which allows easy application of this Insignia in many places, such as steering wheel, hood, and key fob. The more one looks at this Insignia, the nicer it appears, which is testament to the effort the designer put into this 'Mark 3'. However, this Insignia makes no apologies for celebrating the leaf, and so our one concern is similar to that stated in #33 Urbee Cup (perhaps this is a bit too 'green' for the URBEE car which attempts to be green, but has not yet, and may never reach this form of 'perfection').

- Urbee and GrabCAD

5th Place Winner
URBEE-2 Insignia Recyclable Love by marko.bratovz-1

URBEE-2 Insignia Recyclable Love

We like this Insignia. It is clean, simple, and does convey, to us, recyclability, which is a critical part of the URBEE project, and essential for sustainability. This Insignia looks especially balanced when placed beside the Chrome URBEE lettering. It is an Insignia that is light, airy, and not overbearing. The muted blue color is appropriate. We believe the Insignia is unique and full of meaning. Extremely well done.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

6th Place Winner
Urbee Insigna by ishimoto

Urbee Insigna

We like the clean lines and simplicity of this Insignia. The designer intended that the letter U (for URBEE) is a cup that holds Water (the BLUE part) that sustains Life (the LEAVES). This simple idea is beautifully executed, especially when the blue and green colors are incorporated and when they appear to be backlit. It is a very appealing Insignia. One concern we have when celebrating Nature in this way, is that it could convey that URBEE is perfectly green, and this could be, in our opinion, misleading. Although we are certainly trying to make the greenest car in the world, we realize that we have a long way to go. In our opinion, a biological horse may be called perfectly green, but a human-constructed mechanical car can not. With URBEE, during our quest for sustainability, our hope is to minimize the inevitable damage to Nature that is caused during the creation of a highly technological artifact. We feel it is unlikely a car will ever be perfectly sustainable, like the horse.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

7th Place Winner
URBEE_Insignia_Challenge_VirajCHAUHAN by viraj.chauhan-1


This is an especially nice and elegant Insignia, which does not obviously speak to any direct symbol (such as the U or the LEAF). And yet, one can imagine the U to be there, or is it a J (for Jim Kor)? The spheres speak to some symbolism, such as the Earth or Infinity, but again, it is far from obvious. There was a lot of effort put into this Insignia, and that is what makes it hauntingly attractive. Crafted with the utmost precision, the 3 shapes blend as one, and look perfectly proportioned. Beautifully done. A calming Insignia, communicating balance and harmony.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

8th Place Winner
Urbee Insignia Competition_Rahul PATIL by rahul.patil-6

Urbee Insignia Competition_Rahul PATIL

This design shows an intricate, yet elegantly simple, grouping of distinct pieces making up a 'U' (standing for 'USER', not 'URBEE'). The designer proved in his explanation that he was keeping the 'bigger picture' in mind, by stating that the overall message for URBEE in the end is about seeing the impact of our actions on our planet, and changing our ways for the better. We like this Insignia. It has depth of meaning, precision of craft, and the beauty and mystery of a puzzle that needs solving (the U is not immediately recognized or obvious). A lot of work went into this Insignia. Extremely well done and very clever.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

9th Place Winner
URBEE Insignia Design by jose--53

URBEE Insignia Design

We like this clean logo with fine workmanship. This designer did a lot of research, excellent artwork, and many iterations, and this careful work shows in the finished Insignia. A very appropriate, unique automotive Insignia that is extremely precise. Very well done.

- Urbee and GrabCAD

More info about the URBEE 2 Insignia Design Selection

The winner showed skill, experience, craftsmanship, and courage. His Insignia proposal was professionally laid out on many story boards so that we could see immediately the various applications for this Insignia and how they would look in each application. We saw the Insignia on the car, on a key fob, on T-shirts, on hats, and on promotional items (cups, mascots, paper, pens). And that gave us comfort that it was all well thought out and that no glitches would occur as this Insignia was implemented. A very practical and pragmatic consideration, to be sure, but as important to us as the other artistic and emotional considerations.

The winner was innovative in that he chose a direction slightly off the beaten path. He focused upon 'where' URBEE originated, ... what location had spawned the desire to make the greenest car on Earth? And that location happened to be a city and Province in the middle of Canada, and some would say in the middle of nowhere.

Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada is a rather remote place with extreme yearly weather fluctuations, ... arctic in winter and tropical in the summer. Winnipeg is a place surrounded by agriculture and natural landscapes, ... the Province has 100,000 natural lakes within it. There are 700,000 people within the main city of Winnipeg, ...big enough to be classified truly urban, yet small enough to have a small town feel to it. It is a prairie city that must survive Nature all on its own, every winter, as the mercury inevitably drops to forty below zero, ... potentially freezing eyelids, ears, and hands, and going outside is seriously dangerous. This is the place that created a group of designers that, later in their careers, wanted to create the greenest car on Earth. Designers with a respect for Nature, a desire to preserve natural landscapes, and a realization that working in harmony with Nature is the only way forward for our global civilization.

We believe this focus upon where URBEE originated is a good one because we are realistic enough to realize that we are not a real car company yet. In 1996, we started with an idea, which we now have, with the support of many people, turned into a first prototype (Urbee 1). And today, we are designing the second prototype (URBEE 2). Although we are now well known worldwide, we are still small and remain self-funded. We keep coming 'home' to Winnipeg, Manitoba, in order to regroup and rethink our strategy in getting this important idea into reality, around the globe. 'Home' is a very important concept to us. It is safe, familiar, and full of friendly faces. A great place to raise children, and a great place to design with innovation in mind, away from the mainstream of thought.

Our thoughts, our actions, our very being has been shaped by our concept of this remote City and Province we love and call 'Home'. Although we have a clear vision of where we want to take the URBEE project, we also have our feet firmly on the ground and have a clear sense of reality. And, to us, honesty, truth, and clarity of communication is paramount, and are values we hold dear. With that said, would you agree that we are likely too early, as a car company, for the clear, simple Insignia that is the symbol of a large global car corporation? Perhaps our Insignia needs to tell a deeper story about our origins and roots.

The BISON is the symbol of our Province of Manitoba, and we now believe it is an appropriate symbol for the URBEE Insignia, at this stage of our development. We applaud #179, the Bison, by Daniel De Diego ( ) as the Winner of the URBEE 2 Insignia Design Challenge. If Daniel is willing, we would invite him to work with the URBEE Team in refining this Insignia further, into a final version that would perhaps incorporate the best elements from all the entrants of this contest.

Again, thanks to all those that participated and congratulations to all at GrabCAD for showing such talent, enthusiasm, and skill. And, of course, a special congratulations to the winners.

- Jim Kor, President KOR EcoLogic Inc.
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