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Chris Davis

In order to find the fault within the design, one must first learn to design within the limits of his faults.


Free Thinker, Problem solver type of individual with a knack for messing around with 3D CAD programs. I currently work as an Engineering Technician within the mechanical couplings manufacturing industry, helping to create new and innovative products that are designed for medical and food grade equipment. Occasionally, I design and prototype my own personal projects and also work on some freelance design stuff here and there as well.


work experience

Avenue TV Cable and Communications FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN June 1996 - October 2004

• Responsible for the installation of new video, internet and telephone services for residential and commercial subscribers including the new installation or replacement of all cable wires (RG59u/6u/11u, Cat5e & A/V cables) and verified service reliability. • Diagnosed and repaired various types of customer impacting service problems by utilizing a multitude of high-tech tools and advanced test equipment while maintaining a conscious awareness of the total time spent on job . • Set up and configured customer premise device’s such as: set -top converter boxes, universal remote controls, DVD players, VCR’s, home theatre sound systems as well as LAN routers, gateways, switches, desktop/ laptop computers and various other TCP/IP controlled equipment. • Educated subscriber’s on the use of all company services and provided highest level of service in order to maintain a positive customer experience and to support company growth.

Comcast Communications COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN 3 November 2004 - February 2006

• Responsible for troubleshooting and completing service call work orders and outage trouble tickets generated by the company’s call center orTechnical Assurance Center. • Required to utilize system maps in order to find and repair plant outages or signal Impairments in a timely manner and implementing a preventative maintenance schedule to reduce service down time. • Responsible for the repair and reconstruction of aerial and under ground plant infrastructure damaged or destroyed due to thunderstorms, vandalism or other natural disasters. • Additional job responsibilities included a 24 hr., 7 day “on-call” rotation for system outages and traveling to other company owned systems in support of other techs overwhelmed by large scale plant destruction.

Wave Broadband/ Charter Communications SENIOR SYSTEM TECHNICIAN March 2006 - September 2013

• Oversaw day to day system operations including installer/ service technician routes and workloads as well as completed demand maintenance tickets for non-customer impacting repairs or upgrades. • Help design and engineer new plant extensions utilizing CAD software and prepare technical drawings for administrative review. Designed and created custom hardware for special installation applications. • Constructed and maintained fiber optic transport, coaxial trunk, distribution networks. Diagnosed and repaired mainline amplifiers, passive devices and power supplies and verified performance specifications were in compliance according to FCC regulations and company policy . • Created and updated system maps using various computer design software for location and design reference.

LinkTech Quick Couplings Inc. SolidWorks CAD Technician April 2015 -

Design industry standard and custom type quick connect/disconnect flow couplings that are primarily used in the medical device and food service industries. Also work with the production department by designing new tools to help our assembly technicians become more efficient in building the company's products. All design models and drawings are created using the latest version of Solidworks.



Ventura High School. Ventura, CA. HS Diploma/ G.E.D. Class of 1995 1991 - 1995

Ventura Community College. Ventura, CA. Drafting and Design, Advanced Computer Aided Design 1995 - 1998

Drafting and Design, Advanced Computer Aided Design, Mechanical Parts Design, Prototyping and Assemblies, Philosophy and Mathematics

Jones/N.C.T.I. (National Cable and Telecommunications Institute) Electrical and Electronics Theory, RF Theory 1999 - 2003

Curriculum and Coursework: Electrical and Electronics Theory, RF Theory, Broadband Communications Engineering and Construction, Fundamentals of Light Propagation and Fiber Optics, Ethics and Professional Business Practices. 

Infinite Skills Inc. Solidworks Certifications, 3D CAD Design and Modeling 2010 - 2012

Attended Solidworks 3D Design software training classes: CAD110 SW Essentials, CAD205 SW Drawings, CAD210 SW Advanced Parts Modeling, CAD215 SW Assembly Modeling, CAE205 SW Simulation, CAE410 Flow Simulation



Workstation specs: Asus Z97-Deluxe M/B,Water cooled intel i7-4770k 3.5GHz CPU overclocked to 4.7 GHz. 32 GB's DDR3-2133XMP System memory, nVidia Quadro K2000, 480 GB Samsung 850 M.2 SSD, 112 GB Samsung SSD, 2 x ATA Hard Drives each w 1TB storage capacity. 1x ATA HDD w 500GB Storage capacity 850 Watt Corsair Power Supply 3D mouse Wacom tablet Cooler Master Workstation Tower Case Windows 10, Solidworks 2017 Premium. HP 30 '' Hi-Def Display and Samsung 24'' Hi-Def Aux Monitor.
Honors and awards:

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