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Christopher Williamson

autodidactic Super genius


I'm getting older now and have pretty much used up my body to the point of putting it to rest and venture on to using my mind to earn a living. id say my life hasn't been a waste since I have gained a pretty substantial resource to draw from in the form of practical experience. I can draw but i know the world has changed for the better and I need to learn design software to better be able to express my imagination. Hope to make some friends and fewer enemies.


work experience

i'm a gardener.



yeah i'm a nobody.



Workstation specs: I'm a simple guy with small children. so my workstation is limited to just the bare essentials. 2h pencils, a few french curves. rulers and stencils. i am expanding my knowledge base to include 3D cad instruction at my local community college.
Honors and awards: finalist in Aquila racing cars, Design our next car body challenge.
Interests: endurance motor sports and how the knowledge gained through this activity can further humanity.

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