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clarissa ribeiro


Clarissa Ribeiro has a Ph.D. in Visual Arts (2007-2011) by the School of Communications and Arts of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and is, at the moment, a Fulbright postdoctoral research scholar at the UCLA Art | Sci Center + Lab, conected to the CNSI - California NanoSystems Institute, under the supervision of James Gimzewski and Victoria Vesna. From 2009 to 2010 she was a visiting postgraduate research member of the CAiiA-Hub, Planetary Collegium, under the supervision of Professor Roy Ascott. As a member of the Digital Poetics group, headed by Gilbertto Prado, and as an independent artist, she has participated in several projects such as the exhibitions 'EmMeio#4.0' and 'EmMeio#5.0' - Museu Nacional da República, Brasília (2012, 2013), 'III Mostra 3M de Arte Digital: Tecnofagias', Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo (2012, Poéticas Digitais), and 'Mostra Vinte Mil Léguas', V Simpósio ABCiber, em Florianópolis (2011). With a Diploma in Architecture and Master by the Institute of Architecture of the University of Sao Paulo , she is a teacher of the Undergraduation Course in Architecture and Urban Planning and the Undergraduation in Multimedia Production at SENAC Sao Paulo. Her research interests are focused, since the undergraduation in Architecture (1997-2002), on the intersections between creative processes in art and architecture, digital technologies and the sciences of complexity.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


UCLA Fulbright postdoctoral research scholar at the UCLA Art | Sci Center +, MEDIA ART AND SCIENCE 2013 - 2014



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