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I've always worked with my hands. I was raised by two artists: a jeweler mother and coppersmith father. Combine that with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and a professional career in conceptual aircraft design, and you get someone with a keen sense for aesthetics that actually knows what it takes to make something real. I love to use elegant design to solve relevant problems. Let's make a difference in the world!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Daniel Webster College Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Engineering 2006 - 2011

A fantastic small school with ABET accreditation. Follows the CDIO plan along with MIT and other leading technical schools. Allowed me to get my hands dirty playing with their fully CALSPAN instrumented flight test aircraft, Bridgeport milling machines, CNC machines, Lathes, CNC foam cutters, instrumented wind tunnel, ABB IRB 140 robot arm, composite fabrication equipment, and of course some fantastic professors.



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: Sikorsky Aircraft National Intern Design Competition - First Place
Interests: Design, Invention, Cycling, Rally Racing, Flying, a mean cup o' coffee, Music

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